Privacy Policy - TripzyGo

Your privacy and confidentiality matters to us and we make sure to keep it protected in all forms and manner.
This privacy policy is written with regard to disclosing the use of any personal information that you may share with TripzyGo, or its holding, subsidiaries, and affiliates while using this website or any other website related to TripzyGo.

Applicability of the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to any person who visits, explores, intends to purchase, or purchases any of the products, services, packages, or plans offered by TripzyGo using any of its sales channels including but not limited to the website, mobile site, mobile application, web application, or other offline channels such as company office or call center, etc.

Non-Applicability of the Privacy Policy

This website contains links and backlinks to other websites and webpages, however, TripzyGo is not responsible for any content or actions on those websites. This privacy policy applies to the use of TripzyGo website alone and entirely excludes any third party website, mobile application, web application, or mobile site from its purview. We advise you to go through the respective privacy policies of other websites before using them.
By using this website and its sales channels, you agree to all the terms mentioned in this privacy policy. If otherwise, we suggest you to not use this site, or get in touch with us for any questions or queries.

Geographical Limits and Jurisdiction

Any personal data or information that you share with us will be primarily used in India and such other geographical locations and jurisdictions where any third party engaged with us processes it on our behalf. By using this website and agreeing to this privacy policy, you agree to TripzyGo using your personal data and information for the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy as per the data protection regulations prevalent in India.
In case you are not comfortable with us processing your data and want to withdraw your consent for the same, you can mail us about it. However, upon such mail, we may be incapable of helping you with our services and packages in cases where data processing is absolutely necessary.

Geographical Limits and Jurisdiction

Information Collected and Its Legality
Hereinbelow is stated the inclusive scope and type of information that we collect from you-
  1. Personal information including name, age, gender, nationality, religion, marital status, etc.
  2. Contact details including your mobile number, email address, postal address, telephone number, fax, etc.
  3. Banking details including account number, debit/credit card details, net banking details, UPI id, etc.
  4. Transaction details excluding banking information to understand visitors’ and users’ eCommerce activities and behavior.
  5. Usernames, passwords, email address, and security details entered for your TripzyGo account to avail our services.
  6. Data, media files, and other documents that you voluntarily store on TripzyGo servers.
  7. Any data related to you that is available in the public domain or is received by us from any third-party channels.
  8. Information for any third-party or traveller for whom you made a booking on TripzyGo. When you make such bookings, you must confirm that each such traveller has consented to share the information as disclosed by you.
  9. In case of visa related services, TripzyGo will collect copies of your passport, bank statements, original application forms, photographs, and any other document or information as necessary to further your process of visa.
  10. In case of international trips and bookings, the travellers in compliance with the Liberalised Remittance Scheme of RBI and other laws will be required to share their PAN information and passport details. We shall use these details only in accordance with the laws and requirements and for no other purpose, unless, otherwise required by the law.
  11. Copies of Government identification like Aadhar, Driving Licence, Voter ID, etc., and other details as may be required for bookings at hotels on your places of stay during the trip.
  12. Covid-19 Vaccination status and certificate in cases where such information is required.

Use of Collected Information

We assure you that all the information will be kept strictly confidential and shall be used solely for the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy. Please note that we may also share information with third-party for bookings and other required purposes. In such cases, we make sure to redact any confidential information. In case you wish to not share the information or want us to delete the same, we will not be able to further our services to you.
Be assured that the information will be solely used for the following purposes, including but not limited to-
  1. For train or flight bookings and other bookings at hotels, resorts, etc.
  2. To confirm your reservations and send you details of the same.
  3. To send any changes and updates as regards your bookings and reservations.
  4. To make sure that our customer service is able to contact you whenever required.
  5. To validate your account with us and send verification messages and emails whenever required.
  6. To send you wishes on your birthdays and anniversaries and gift you with a special offer or present.
  7. To send surveys, marketing promotions, newsletters, and other updates about our products and services to know your views and opinions, understanding which we shall optimise the content on our website and ensure delivering the best experiences to our customers.
You may opt out of such surveys and promotional messages and emails at any time by sending us a request to unsubscribe.

Retention of Personal Information

TripzyGo will retain your personal data and information for a period that seems reasonably fit. Sometimes, we may retain your personal data and information for a longer period when required by law or other regulatory guidelines.
Once your information is no longer required, we make sure to safely delete it from our servers.

Cookies Policy

We use cookies to personalise your experience on our website. The use of such cookies is similar to other websites.
Collecting cookies helps us serve you better by eliminating the need to enter username and password every time you want to access our website. Additionally, we may use cookies to understand your preferences and show you relevant information and advertisements and send you offers of your interests and likings.
Some websites automatically accept cookies. In case you don’t want to accept all the cookies on our website, you can alter the same in settings as per your preferences or even disable cookies altogether. However, please note that disabling cookies can hinder the normal functioning of some of the features on the website.

Sharing of Personal Information

We care about your privacy and do not share your personal information except in cases where absolutely necessary. As a part of our services, we may share your information with-
  1. Third-party service providers such as railways, airlines, hotels, etc., to facilitate your bookings on the trips. TripzyGo does not authorise such service providers to use your personal information for any purpose other than meeting the booking requirements. However, how third-parties use your personal information is out of the purview of this privacy policy and you are advised to read the privacy policies of such third-parties as well.
  2. Companies in the same group such as our affiliate and associate entities, etc., to offer you more personalised experiences on the site. Such companies also include any company acquiring our entity shares in which case your information will be passed on to such company based on the nature of acquisition. Also, as a part of any expansion, diversification, or restructuring of the company, if we decide to transfer, sell, or assign any part of our business/business units, the collected information will be transferred accordingly.
  3. Business partners and other third-party vendors who may want to contact you for certain offers and services of your interest and liking.

Disclosure of Information

In addition to the above stated policies for sharing of information, we may also disclose your information in circumstances where the disclosure of information is-
  1. required by law or other regulatory guidelines.
  2. necessary to conduct our business or secure our systems.
  3. required to enforce or protect our rights as a company.
Such disclosure may happen with or without your consent and we shall not be responsible for any damages that occur as a consequence of such disclosure of information.

User Generated Content

We value your views and opinions and thus offer you the option to share the same in the form of reviews and comments. We may also contact you for your feedback so that we can deliver the best possible experiences to our customers.
Taking part in the surveys and quizzes is entirely voluntary and optional, however, you may still receive emails and messages from us as regards such surveys and quizzes. If you don’t wish to receive the same, you can send us a request to unsubscribe.
We may also use your feedback and reviews to post about our company and its services on other travel related websites and platforms.

Protection of Information

We keep your personal information protected at all times using security patches, two-factor authentication, and encryption on our website.

Withdrawal of Consent or Permission

You’re free to withdraw your consent to use your personal information and can do so by sending us a mail on our official email address. However, doing so may lead to limiting your access on our website and we may not be able to deliver our services to you.

Your Rights to Personal Information

You can access your personal information at any time by accessing your account on TripzyGo. Additionally, you can make any changes to your personal information as you deem fit.

Changes to The Privacy Policy

We reserve exclusive rights to make changes to this privacy policy from time to time as situations warrant. We shall notify you about such changes as necessary. You’re also advised to keep revisiting this privacy policy at regular intervals to stay up-to-date with it.

For any other concerns, questions, and queries, please feel free to contact us through calls, messages, or emails, as per your convenience.