• 5 Most Adventurous Things To Do On Your Trip To Wayanad

    What’s a trip without a little adventure, right?

    When you go on tours, you look out for adventures even in the most peaceful places. You seek out new things, something thrilling to explore, and have fun, lively, and memorable experiences on your trip. One place that can give you a lot of adventures to enjoy and remember is Kerala Wayanad.

    Wayanad is a beautiful hill station in Kerala and one of the top and trending destinations to visit, especially at this time of the year when the climate is warm and breezy with the frequent monsoon showers and drizzles.

    The place is famous for its picturesque views, Wayanad resort, and one of the best adventures here is the jungle safari in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Wildlife lovers from around the world visit Wayanad for its wildlife sanctuary, it’s so rich with fauna and flora.

    But that’s not all. There are many more unique stay resorts in Wayanad and adventures in this popular travel destination to look forward to. In this article, we’ve come up with five most adventurous things that you can do in Wayanad. So, let’s get to it.

    Adventures in Wayanad – You’ll Love The Experience

    Now, before moving on to the adventures, let us tell you right here that there’s nothing out of the ordinary to look forward to. It’s the experience of the place rather than the activities that make the adventures so memorable and relishing. The adventures would be like something you could do at other places too, but their beauty at Wayanad will be an adventure like never before. So, here are the things that you can look forward to.

    Jungle Safari or Jungle Trek

    things to do in wayanad

    Every wildlife lover seeks Wayanad because of the wildlife sanctuary, bird sanctuary, and jungles here. You would absolutely love the adventures there are in the jungle safaris at different Wayanad tourist places. For starters, you can go into the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and experience the most thrilling and adventurous jungle safari with the sightings of white elephants, panthers, peacocks, and other fauna. Besides that, you can also go on a jungle trek in the Kaladi forest to experience a more fulfilling adventure.

    The trek in the Kaladi will be full of fun and thrill as you’d hike your way through the tea gardens, rain forests, and spice estates in the forest. The sloppy and varied terrains of the forest also keep the trek interesting and adventurous.


    things to do in wayanad

    Trekking is a very adventurous activity and there’s a lot of scope for it in Wayanad. From the jungle trek to trekking peaks and mountains, you can have very fruitful and memorable trekking experiences in this picturesque hill station.

    There are fantastic and thrilling trekking tracks on the Banasura Sagar Dam which is the second largest earthen dam in Asia. So, you can enjoy those trails while also enjoying the calm and serenity around the dam and the picturesque view.

    A trek on the Chembra Peak Wayanad is also very thrilling, and in fact, one of the most sought after adventures in Wayanad. You need to get the necessary authorization passes from the authority to go for the 3 hour long trek on this amazing peak where atop you can experience the beauty of the picturesque view of the districts. The major attraction is the heart-shaped lake that never dries which is visible in all its beauty and natural form from this peak.

    You can also trek the two beautiful mountains in Wayanad, vizSahibkunnu and the Valley of Clouds which have amazing views and trails for a thrilling and adventurous trek. Besides that, if you’re in for a small trek, you’d love the adventure at the Meenmutty Waterfalls.

    Bamboo Rafting

    things to see in wayanad

    Bamboo rafting is a great adventure that you can enjoy in the midst of all the water around yourself and Kuruva Island surrounded by the Kabini river is a great place for this adventure. While you’re at it, you can also enjoy a dip in the Kabini river which is again an adventure in itself for you to enjoy.

    Besides bamboo rafting at these islands, you can also explore the multiple bamboo bridges on the island and take in the gorgeous and scenic view that offers absolute calm and solace amidst all the fun and adventure.


    Caves are always spooky and many have historical stories and details hidden within them. Wayanad has the beautiful Edakkal caves which have prehistoric inscriptions and it’s extremely thrilling and adventurous to explore these caves and the history buried within their depths. What makes the caves more adventurous is the fact that they’re just two huge boulders with a wedge between them which makes them appear like caves. So, exploring them is a great experience to cherish in Wayanad.


    things to see in wayanad

    Well, you can go ziplining in many places and the activity is on-so-adventurous. However, the thrill of the activity is just out of the world in Wayanad where you can enjoy ziplining amidst the tea estates or across the lake. The adventure is that Wayanad has the longest and highest zipline in the that you can go for. So, it’s an adventure that you absolutely do not want to miss.

    How Adventurous Do You Feel Now?

    So, these were all the many adventures that you can look forward to on your trip to Wayanad. Of course, they aren’t new, but the mesmerising beauty of Wayanad will make it an experience like never before. So, how ready are you for these adventures in Wayanad? When are you planning your trip? We say, now is the perfect time! Get in touch with TripzyGo for the best deals, offers, and packages!

    Happy Travelling!