• Guide to 10 Best Cafes in Manali – Where to Find the Best Food

    Manali is as well-known for its stunning scenery and adventurous activities as it is for its excellent eateries. Of all the street-side stalls and cafes, the best cafes in Manali offer not only lip-smacking food but also an experience that is delightful and soul-satisfying.

    10 Best Cafes in Manali

    After careful evaluation of various factors like food quality, cost & other considerations, we have handpicked the 10 must-visit cafes in Manali.

    • Mount View Restaurant

    • The Open Air And Multi Cuisine Restaurant

    • Renaissance Manali

    • Rooftop Restaurant At Keylinga Inn

    • Basil Leaf Restaurant

    • Dylans Toasted And Roasted Coffee House

    • La Plage

    • Open Air Restaurant At Apple Bud Cottages

    • IL Forno

    • The Lazy Dog

    Check out these great locations the next time you visit the hills! They guarantee satisfaction and have something for everyone. Don’t forget to take note of these top cafes in Manali for an enjoyable trip.

    01. Mount View Restaurant

    Mount View Restaurant

    Mount View is the oldest and most renowned fine dining restaurant in Manali and one of the best cafes in Manali, offering an extensive selection of Chinese, Tibetan, Italian, Japanese, Continental, and Indian delicacies. It has been reliably serving customers for many years and is a top choice for quality meals.

    Calling all food lovers to this famous cafe in Manali! This place will be your ultimate destination for gastronomical delights!

     Location: Mall Road, Model Town, Siyal, Manali

    02. Basil Leaf Restaurant

    Basil Leaf Restaurant

    Basil Leaf delights food lovers with its wide range of dining options in this resort town. Manali is home to the best cafes, but none as exceptional as this one. It’s the perfect spot for romantic dinners and family gatherings alike – a class apart from the rest! It is the perfect place & famous cafe in Manali.

     Location: Naggar Road, Shuru, Prini, Manali

    03. The Open Air And Multi Cuisine Restaurant

    The Open Air And Multi Cuisine Restaurant

    The Orchid Greens, a 3-star hotel, has some remarkable dining experiences to offer with its Open Air Restaurant and Multi-Cuisine Restaurant. Perfect for those looking for luxurious fine dining in the hills. It is one of the must-visit cafes in Manali.

    Whether it’s exotic cuisine or a stunning atmosphere, these are great destinations to have an intimate dinner with your loved ones.

     Location: Log Huts Area, Manali

    04. Rooftop Restaurant At Keylinga Inn

    Rooftop Restaurant At Keylinga Inn

    Offering unmatched ambiance, captivating views, and delectable meals that will tantalize your taste buds, this rooftop restaurant in Manali is sure to leave a lasting impression. It easily surpasses all other eateries in the area and became one of the best places to eat in Manali.

    Visiting here would be a great way to de-stress and forget your worries – time would fly by too quickly!

     Location: Prini, Naggar Road, Manali

    05. Renaissance Manali

    Renaissance Manali

    If you’re ever in Manali and looking for a good place to dine in the best cafes, Renaissance Italian and Mexican are definitely worth a visit! It’s conveniently located amongst the city’s bustling streets, making it an ideal spot for a delicious meal.

    Whether you’re looking for a light bite or a laid-back atmosphere with good music, this spot is perfect for an afternoon break.

     Location: Old Manali Road, Near Manu Temple, Manali

    06. Dylans Toasted And Roasted Coffee House

    Dylans Toasted And Roasted Coffee House

    Dylans – the best cafe in Manali – is more than just a spot to grab a cup of coffee. It has also become an excellent place to make new pals or reconnect with existing ones.

    If you’re an avid coffee lover, Old Manali road is the place to be. Make sure you visit this best cafe in old Manali for the ultimate coffee experience.

     Location: Old Manali, Manali

    07. Open Air Restaurant At Apple Bud Cottages

    Open Air Restaurant At Apple Bud Cottages

    Visiting this rooftop restaurant in Manali would be a great experience with its amazing views, charming ambiance, and delicious food. It surely is one of the best cafes in Manali!

    Whether it’s a morning breakfast or an evening date, this spot allows you to truly appreciate the stunning views of the city.

     Location: Kanyal Road, Upper Rangri, Manali

    08. La Plage

    La Plage

    Take a break from the tourist spots and explore this tranquil French cafe surrounded by apple trees. Enjoy delightful music, and stunning views of the hills, and immerse yourself in its surreal atmosphere.

    This is a famous cafe in Manali, known for its impeccable food as well as its unforgettable experiences.

     Location: Club House Road, Old Manali Village, Manali

    09. IL Forno

    IL Forno

    If you’re looking for an outstanding Italian restaurant in Manali, IL Forno is the place to go! With its delicious menu & romantic atmosphere, it’s perfect for an unforgettable dinner date.

    It stands out as the most economical eatery in Manali that offers Italian cuisine which makes it the best cafe in Manali.

     Location: Hadimba Road, Siyal, Manali

    10. The Lazy Dog

    The Lazy Dog

    The Lazy Dog in Old Manali, situated on the banks of Beas, offers a unique combination of urban style with a classic touch. It is widely known as one of the best places to eat in Manali.

    Furnishings like wooden chairs, bean bags, and hammocks give the party vibe a more relaxed feel, making it an ideal spot for all sorts of travelers

     Location: Manu Temple Road , Old Manali, Manali

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