• Top 10 Best Cafes In Thailand – Where to Eat in Bangkok

    In the words of the locals – Thailand is heaven for travelers as well as foodies. There are so many best cafes in Thailand & this country is filled with different and exciting places to visit. Thailand’s food, culture, people, and resorts are diverse and constantly changing. Although the country has many astonishing attractions, the food is truly what stands out. Thai food is rich in flavor and always packed with unique and delicious ingredients. There are so many Indian restaurants in Thailand for you to try out!

    Presenting a complete list of 10 best places to eat in Thailand, which can serve as a handy guide to familiarize yourself with a few Thai cafes, don’t forget to take a bite of the local culture in these best restaurants in Thailand.

    10 Best Cafes in Thailand

    01. Pooltime Cafe

    Pooltime Cafe

    Pooltime Cafe is one of the popular restaurants in Thailand with patrons because of the three raccoons that live there. The three raccoons are Bob, A-po, and Poon. The decor is neo-something – bright colors with stripped-down furnishings, making the place look like a poolside.

    Try the Blue Bun burger and the accompanying shake for a fantastic Instagramable picture.

     Location: Wattana, Bangkok

    02. Jasmin’s Cafe

    Jasmin’s Cafe

    Jasmin’s Cafe is a small, cozy place; that serves delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s one of the places to eat in Thailand where you can enjoy a nice meal with your friends and family while watching the beautiful sunset over the ocean. The Thai restaurant is located in the city’s heart, where you can enjoy some fantastic Thai dishes and yummy shakes, coffees, etc.

     Location: Pattaya Klang Road (Central Pattaya Road)

    03. Sretsis Parlor

    Sretsis Parlor

    Sretsis is a luxury Thai brand run by two sisters, and their cafe is a manifestation of the same class that is a part of their brand. It is considered as one of the best restaurants in Thailand. Sretsis Parlor is a paradise-like decor that combines bright colors with myriad floral wallpapers, daisy floors, and sky ceilings.

     Location: Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok

    04. Bake n’ Brew

    Bake n’ Brew

    Bake n’ Brew is a cafe and bakery in Pattaya, Thailand. It’s famous for its breakfast menu and desserts and offers various Asian and European dishes to cater customer’s needs from across the globe with a pleasant ambiance at a reasonable price. Must try out this one of the best cafes in Thailand.

     Location: Banglamung Pattaya, Bangkok

    05. Big Dog Cafe

    Big Dog Cafe

    The Big Dog Cafe is a destination for dog lovers and one of the popular restaurants in Thailand. It is a place for people to come and see, smell, and touch dogs in a relaxed and casual environment. The decor is comfortable, and the outdoor seating is a great place to sit and relax and is best for hanging out and enjoying a cup of coffee or a meal.

     Location: Huai Khwang, Bangkok

    06. Cabbages and Condoms

    Cabbages and Condoms

    Cabbages and Condoms offer a wide range of food and beverages with fresh ingredients and an ideal spot for a romantic date for couples. The cafe suggests an atmosphere that is both beautiful and delicious. It is one of the best cafes in Thailand as their name is a reminder that HIV is preventable, and they want to raise awareness about this.

     Location: Phra Tam Nak 4 Road Muang Pattaya, Bangkok

    07. Mocking Tales Cafe

    Mocking Tales Cafe

    Mocking Tales Cafe is a cafe for nerds and geeks. Here you can enjoy a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The cafe is filled with magic potions and sorcery books that will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. It has a populist bent, do not be surprised to find out Lord of the Rings’ dessert and decor looks like a mashup between medieval and middle Earth.

     Location: Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok

    08. La Baguette

    La Baguette

    La Baguette is a bakery that offers exquisite cakes, pastries, baguette bread, and chocolates and is also known for its French-styled delicacies. They also serve other European dishes and varieties of coffee, the well-decorated interiors cafe serves breakfast, lunch, brunch, and drinks with a luxurious ambiance.

     Location: Naklua Road Pattaya City Banglamung, Bangkok

    09. Reader’s Cafe

    Reader’s Cafe

    Reader’s Cafe is a cozy, casual cafe open late and filled with books and perfect for those who want to work, read, or talk with friends. Not only a cafe but a spot with old classics and modern hits, decorated with a wide selection of books on Thai culture and travel. Must try out this best cafe in Bangkok.

     Location: Muang Pattaya Chong Buri, Bangkok

    10. The Coffee Club – Royal Garden Plaza

    The Coffee Club - Royal Garden Plaza

    The Coffee Club is a 24/7 cafe in Pattaya, Thailand. It presents a menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after-hours meals and drinks to suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re in for a quick breakfast, a long lunch, or an after-hours meal and drinks, they are sure to have something for you. It is a very courteous coffee shop with courteous staff.

     Location: Royal Garden Plaza, Pattaya

    Thailand is home to some of the best cafes in the world. If you are looking for a place to get your coffee fixed, connect with TripzyGo to check out the best Thailand Tour Packages and check out these cafes that offer up some of the best cups of coffee in the country.