• Best Honeymoon Things To Do On A Mauritius Trip for Couple

    So, you’ve stepped into a new chapter in your life and are excited about that one trip that brings you closer to your new and lifetime partner? Well, honeymoons indeed are special and you want to do everything to make them more memorable and unforgettable for you and your partner.

    So, of course you want to look out for the best honeymoon tour packages that you can book.

    Well, nothing beats like a trip to Mauritius.

    Mauritius is a beautiful island company and if you’re looking for a honeymoon destination, well, you ought to check out a Mauritius tour package for couple. You’d be surprised to see specially designed Mauritius honeymoon packages with the best honeymoon places in Mauritius included in the travel itinerary and you could really do things for a romantic time with your partner.

    Wondering what you could do? Well, this article is a perfect guide for you telling you the best things to do in Mauritius when you have booked a honeymoon trip to the destination. Go on, have a read!

    Romantic Things to Do On A Mauritius Trip for Couple

    When you have booked a Mauritius tour package for couple for your honeymoon, you want to be sure that everything is well planned.

    You may have got the best honeymoon places in Mauritius included in your travel itinerary and schedule, but if you know beforehand about what to do in these places, your honeymoon can be a much more enjoyable and memorable experience.

    Well, hereinbelow are some of the most romantic things you can do on a Mauritius trip for couple.

    mauritius trip for couple

    Beach Hopping

    romantic thing to do in Mauritius,

    Beaches are indeed the best honeymoon places in Mauritius. No matter what beach you choose to visit, you’ll have a lovely time there with your better-half just relaxing on the beach or enjoying activities like parasailing, ski diving, and other water sports. Another good thing is that you can always get a little naughty on the beaches. Nobody minds that. (*wink*)

    Food Indulgence

    romantic thing to do in Mauritius,

    A meal with your partner, where you are sharing food and thoughts, well, that could be utterly romantic. You may get a peek into your partner’s soul just by the talks you’re having or there could be some hot romance between your legs beneath the table. Indulging in food is, by every chance, a romantic affair, especially in a place like Mauritius where you can enjoy multiple cuisines.

    Make sure to have a taste of street food as well as dine in romantic and luxury restaurants. Some streets to try are Dewa & Sons, Chapeau La Paille. A good restaurant is Oberoi and you can also explore other roof-top cafes and restaurants.

    Mauritian Spas

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    A spa in Mauritius is a soothing experience and all the more romantic with your partner, especially if you go during the summers which is also the best time to visit Mauritius. You can relax and choose from a different variety of Mauritian Spas and have a romantic time with your partner beside you during the entire spa treatment which can last for 2-3hours.

    Given the romance it offers, getting it added in your Mauritius tour package for couple is something you definitely must not miss.

    Are You All Set For the Trip to Mauritius?

    There are many romantic things to do in Mauritius and to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of them, just get them added in your travel itinerary of the Mauritius tour package for couple.

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    An Overview of Romantic Things to Do On Your Mauritius Trip for Couple

    ActivityBest Time to GoThings to Do
    Beach HoppingApr-June or Sept-DecRelax on beaches, parasailing, ski diving, other water sports
    Food IndulgenceAnytimeHave dholl puri and hot chilli paste on streets, explore romantic cafes and restaurants.
    Mauritian SpaSummer MonthsEnjoy different kinds of Mauritian spas and rekindle romance