• Best Places In India to Enjoy River Rafting

    White water rafting is an amazing experience when you enjoy it in the right places. The showers of water as you surf through the waves and tides in a rafting boat, it’s a different adventure to get drenched while having an adrenaline rush from all the adventure.

    Given the ecstatic experience that white water rafting offers, most tour packages have the activity in the itinerary. However, you need to see where you indulge in this amazing experience so that you can have the best of it.

    Well, here are some of the best places for white water rafting experience. Go on, have a read so that you can have more ease in deciding the place for your next adventure trip.

    Best Places in India for White Water Rafting

    Rishikesh, Coorg, Manali… Places like these instantly come to mind when you think of water sports and adventures. These are amazing places for white water rafting. Let’s get into more details and see the best places in India that are excellent for white water rafting.

    Coorg’s River Barapole

    river rafting in coorg

    Coorg is a beautiful place with stunning views and landscapes. The River Barapole situated on the shores of Deccan Plateau in Western Ghats is the best place for white water rafting in this magical hill station.

    The rapids here are very challenging ranging from Grade 2 rapids to Grade 7 rapids. The river is divided into two parts- an upper part and a lower part. While the rapids in the upper part are up to grade 4 rapids, in the lower part you can experience more rapids up to Grade 7, especially when you’re rafting during the monsoon season.

    Rishikesh’s River Ganga

    river rafting in rishikesh

    River Ganga is divine and it will indeed be a divine experience to raft in the amazing rapids of different stretches of the river. The rapids range from Grade 1 to Grade 4 and the stretches are great with beautiful picturesque views all around.

    The adventurers have multiple stretches to raft and they can choose based on the difficulty level of rafting they like. Whatever you choose, the experience is one of a kind and something you must definitely try if you love to have some fun-loving adventures on your trips.

    Kullu’s River Beas

    river rafting in kullu

    Kullu is the most famous place for white water rafting in India. The picturesque views of the Beas river and the amazing Grade 1 to Grade 4 rapids are excellent for a fantastic river rafting experience which you will cherish for a lifetime.

    The rapids are so strong in some places that they give you an excellent adrenaline rush and you enjoy the adventure even more. With a very challenging yet beautiful white water rafting experience to offer, one really cannot miss river rafting in Kullu.

    However, if you really want to enjoy this adventure, avoid going there between July to September as the adventure is closed this time of the year.

    Ready for An Excellent White Water Rafting Experience?

    So, these are three of the best places for white water rafting in India. Of course there are more places where you can enjoy the adventure, however for the sake of simplicity and easy decision making, we have limited this blog to include just the three best places. Hold on till we add more to the list in future articles dividing the places as per their geographical locations so that you can plan your trips accordingly.

    For now, we hope this helped and you’re all set to go white water rafting in some of the most adventurous places in India.

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    Best Places For White Water Rafting in India

    PlacesRapidsBest Time to GoCost
    CoorgGrade 2 to Grade 7Monsoon Season and Post Monsoon Season₹1200 per person
    RishikeshGrade 1 to Grade 4All year round except July-August₹600 per person
    KulluGrade 1 to Grade 4All year round except July-September₹400-600 per person