• Best Treks in Himachal – A Journey Like Never Before

    Trekking is a wholesome journey that makes you feel your legs like never before. As you walk through the passes and challenging tracks and routes, you give yourself a physical exercise like nothing else. Moreover, the picturesque sights are just a breathtaking feeling, like an ointment to the pain you feel in your legs and a motivation to keep moving forward.

    With all that said, Himachal is no doubt the best destination for trekking. Why? Well, because there are multiple lakes and passes in Himachal where you can enjoy trekking at its best. Want to know more about the best treks in Himachal? Well, have a read of this blog.

    Best Treks in Himachal

    Himachal is full of amazing trekking routes and passes. Whether you want to trek along the lakes or ranges, Himachal has got everything. Hereinbelow are discussed the best treks in Himachal that are full of picturesque views and challenging passes to offer you a thrilling trekking experience like never before.

    Hampta Pass

    Situated at an elevation of 4270 meters above sea level, the Hampta Pass is a challenging and exciting trek that starts from Kullu Manali and ends at the Chandra Valley. You might often think that you’re almost there, but you can’t really be sure until you’re actually on the top. The trekking route is moderately challenging but the views along the entire path make it worth the experience.
    hampta pass trek

    Bhrigu Lake

    The Bhrigu Lake, also known as the Lake of Gods is a beautiful glacial lake at an elevation of 4270 meters above sea level and the trekking experience here is great. The trek is a short trek which makes it ideal for beginners. The entire route has beautiful views and picturesque sights of the alpine trees and seeing the glacial lake is a tranquil and serene experience which makes this trek one of the best treks in Himachal.
    bhrigu lake trek

    Beas Kund

    Beas Kund is in Kullu and is situated at an elevation of 3650 meters above sea level. The trek is short and moderately challenging which makes it good for beginners. In fact, it is a beginner level trek where you can go without any prior trekking experience. The routes are beautiful with picturesque views and you can enjoy all along the path of 15 -17 kms. The trek doesn’t take long to complete but the experience is indeed one of the best.
     beas kund trek


    The Triund Hill trek is another amazing trek in Himachal that you cannot miss at all. Situated 2828 meters above sea level, this hill is in the lap of the Dhauladhar mountains and is a moderately challenging trek, good for both beginners and pros. The views are amazing with the Khangra Valley on one side and Dhauladhar on the other. The trek doesn’t take too long to complete and the experience is pretty worth it.
    mcleodganj triund trek

    Are You Ready to Go Trekking?

    So, these are some of the best treks in Himachal. There are of course more, but we would better explore these four. What do you think?

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    Happy touring!