• Hotels in Udaipur Where Luxury Meets Heritage

    Udaipur is a land of rich culture and tradition. A famous tourist destination, Udaipur is highly popular for its heritage and most importantly the boutique hotels that offer a royal experience blending luxury with the culture of the place.

    But what are the best hotels in Udaipur for a luxurious yet traditional stay that offers a through and through experience of Udaipur’s heritage. With so many hotels in Udaipur it can become confusing about which Udaipur resort would be best for a great stay, especially when you’re looking for a decent priced resort.

    Well, this article is to clear your confusions as we have handpicked 5 best Udaipur Resorts for a royal and luxurious stay amidst the culture and heritage of the city and at a nominal and decent price of 25k or less. Let’s have a look at all the resorts.

    Best Udaipur Resorts For A Luxurious Stay Yet A Decent Price

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    Udaipur is full of luxurious resorts and boutique hotels. Here is the list of some of the most fantastic boutique hotels in Udaipur that will be great for a traditional style luxurious stay in the city.

    The Oberoi Udaivilas

    The Oberoi Udaivilas

    With a beautiful and scenic view of lake Picholi and huge rooms, this boutique hotel is no less than a palace. Every room in the hotel has Rajasthani architecture and the rooms feature multiple sections with great courtyards, living rooms, swimming pools, and even baths. The hotel also has posh restaurants for fine dining and you can enjoy the lake view during your meals too.

    With such fine settings, The Oberoi Udaivilas offers a luxurious experience that you’ll cherish a lifetime remembering how you lived like a prince or a princess in the royal suites that are no less than palace rooms.

    The rooms here are available at a price as low as ₹24 thousand. So, you can experience luxury at a decent price here.

    The Leela Palace

    The Leela Palace

    The Leela Palace is another boutique hotel in Udaipur that offers an experience of living in a palace. The rooms are packed with all luxurious amenities one can think of and have an artistic appeal with amazing architecture and interiors featuring designs and styles of Rajasthani tradition and culture. The resort being alongside the Aravalli Range and the beautiful lake gives it a picturesque appeal.

    The place is most known for its fine dining, the beautiful courtyards, cultural evenings, and boat rides in the lake while enjoying the majestic view of the Aravalli Ranges.

    The rooms here are available starting from ₹23 thousand which is a great price considering the amenities you get.

    Aurika by Lemon Tree

    Aurika by Lemon Tree

    Lemon Tree is extremely popular. Aurika by this chain of hotels is another amazing Udaipur resort with a feeling like you’re living in a palace. The rooms have all the luxurious amenities and you can enjoy their outdoor pools and shared lounges.

    The fine dining of the resort is lovely and you can have different cuisines which form an excellent, appetising and lavish meal. There is also a bar for you to indulge in drinks and let loose.

    The cost of the rooms starts from just ₹20 thousand which is great for a stay in a five star hotel.

    When Are You Planning Your Trip To Udaipur?

    Udaipur is an excellent place to visit and you really cannot miss it. Not only is there so much around Udaipur to see but you can also have a charming time in the boutique hotels in Udaipur. You may not even want to come out of these palaces like Udaipur resorts and the experience will be one of a kind.

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    Happy Travelling.