• 5 Cheapest Countries to Visit For A Fun Vacation

    Travel is a costly affair and if you want to spend your vacations travelling around the world, it’s essential that you do some holiday budgeting. Careful planning is the key to visiting your dream destinations.

    However, sometimes you’re impatient for your tour and want to go for a trip anyway even when the budget is tight. Well, if you find this relatable, you’re not alone. As important as it is to put aside money for your vacation plans, budgeting it properly on a shoestring amount is difficult.

    You may want to visit a luxurious place with all luxurious facilities. However, when you’re on a budget, one of the things that works best for a memorable vacation is that you plan your travel to cheap countries.

    But what cheap countries do you have as options? Well, there are many and this article will talk at length about them. So, go on further and have a read of the five best and cheapest countries to visit for a memorable and fun-loving budgeted holiday.

    5 Cheapest Countries to Visit for A Lovely Holiday

    You may think what a cheap country has to offer and might want to put off the idea of travel altogether. However, there are many cheap countries around the world which are more beautiful than any luxury in the world.

    On that note, here are five cheapest countries to visit on your budgeted vacations.


    Thailand is a dream for many, and why not? The place has so much to offer, the pubs and casinos, the relaxing spas, the delightful street food, and the fuzzy feeling with the friendly Thailand people. You could be amused at how the country offers so much at so little prices.

    The flight fare as well as daily expenses are very low and you can have a great trip within some 50k rupees or even less.cheap international destinations from india


    Srilanka is an amazing island with mesmerising beaches, historical palaces, and favourable climate which makes it a perfect holiday destination. Moreover, the daily expenses of being in Srilanka are very low and the flight fares are affordable too. So, you can have a great time in Srilanka by spending a very little amount of money.
    cheap international destinations from india


    Vietnam is a budget-friendly and affordable country that offers multiple chances of exploring new things. The place is for budget travellers as everything is available at low cost and you can enjoy all the beauty of Vietnam without spending much of your money.

    Kayaking is the most famous sport in Vietnam and you’d enjoy the lush green mountains and paddy fields in the country that are a treat for the eyes.cheap international destinations from india


    If you’re a nature lover and want to remain close to nature without spending a lot of money, the Philippines is where you must go. The place is a paradise for beach lovers and you can enjoy all the things that are close to nature such as the rushing water and waves at the shores of the ocean, the vast stretch of maroon sand on the beach, etc.

    The place is also perfect for adventurers as they can enjoy camping, kayaking, and all sorts of watersports in this country.cheapest countries to visit from india


    If you’re seeking adventure on your trip, going to Laos will be worth it. It has sloppy mountains and difficult terrains and you’d love to go on a biking tour to this place. The country is also very welcoming and you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings by witnessing pine trees and lakes all over the place.

    Moreover, trekking and cycling around the place and knowing stories about it is easy too as the locals are very friendly and will talk to you for hours. So, you’d love the experience in the country and visit more often.cheapest countries to visit from india

    Where Are You Headed?

    So, these were the top five cheapest countries to visit on our list. We are sure there are more countries and we will detail them in a next blog within this series. Bit for now, that’s all. We hope it helped your research and you’ll be able to decide on a great destination for your trip soon.

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