• 15 Romantic Things to Do in Maldives for an Awesome Honeymoon

    Holidays and romantic things to do in Maldives are among the most popular. Whether you’re looking for an epic lovely honeymoon or pure family relaxation, it has plenty in store for you.

    If you are looking for a honeymoon destination with breathtaking sights then the Indian Ocean is your best bet. Maldives is a magical place that has all the best beaches and resorts & hotels, where you can experience serenity with natural beauty.

    There are so many fun things to do in Maldives. Whether you’re interested in some exciting water sports, stunning views, or even just a romantic getaway, there is a lot to explore and appreciate.

    15 Romantic Things to Do in Maldives

    We have compiled a list of romantic things to do in Maldives for your honeymoon trip. Here are some suggested activities to do in Maldives for couples to get started.

    • Enjoy a Diving Experience Together
    • Visit The Untouched Islands
    • Experience Snorkelling With Coral Reefs
    • Overwater Villas – The World’s Famous
    • Scooter Ride Under The Sea
    • Sail The Indian Ocean – Jet Ski & Fun Tube
    • Get a taste of flyboarding
    • Take a Maldivian cruise tour
    • Dinner under the stars at Villimale Island
    • Embrace Maldivian Lagoon Tours
    • Enjoy The Dolphin Dance
    • Get Romantic In A Private Pool Villa
    • Take A Seaplane Ride
    • Witness The Beautiful Noctiluca Scintillans
    • Relax With Partner At Spa Treatment

    01. Enjoy a Diving Experience Together

    romantic things to do in maldives

    Maldives is a country known all over the world for its natural beauty and many unique diving and snorkeling experiences which are among the fun things to do in Maldives for couples. Imagine getting the chance to dive in and see aquatic life, you get to experience scuba diving in Maldives with your partner.You’ll find a variety of different sharks in these blue waters. The newest recreation spot in the Maldives is a paradise for people of all levels of experience. With waters that are clear and calm, you’ll be immersed in beautiful scenery throughout your diving experience which is one of the most romantic things to do in Maldives.

     Couple Price: INR 8,000
     Where: Lhaviyani, North and South Male, Vaavu, Meemu, Laamu, and Gaafu

    02. Visit The Untouched Islands

    maldives honeymoon things to do

    Maldives has a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, including a number of uninhabited ones. If you’re looking for a place to take your significant other on a date, these islands may be the perfect place and it is one of the fun things to do in Maldives for couples. There are guest houses in the area that offer a BBQ lunch with some natural getaway, so you can enjoy your exploration before returning back home. You definitely need to check it out when you’re on a honeymoon in the Maldives and looking for exciting activities to do in Maldives for couples.

     Couple Price: Rs. 7,000
    Where: Thoddoo Beach, Desert Island, Faridhoo, etc.

    03. Discover coral reefs while snorkeling

     activities to do in maldives for couples

    The Maldives are renowned for the plethora of natural wonders with their pristine coral reefs. They are truly one of the best places to visit in the world. Snorkeling is a popular activity among travelers and scuba divers, giving everyone a chance to see the brilliant flora and fauna of Maldives while they explore the different shapes of its coral reefs.

    Most Maldivian resorts offer a range of snorkeling activities, so there’s no need to go anywhere else for something exciting. House reefs offer you a surface through which to view stunning underwater scenery.

     Couple Price: Starting Rs. 24,000/-
     Where: Baros Island, Bandos Island, Centara Grand Island, etc.

    04. Overwater Villas – The World’s Famous

    overwater villas in maldives

    While researching romantic things to do in Maldives on your honeymoon, we highly recommend staying with your partner in a luxurious over-water villa which is one of the best Maldives honeymoon things to do. These overwater bungalows across the islands of Maldives are beautiful, with luxury amenities like swimming pools and other recreational features.

    This experience is uniquely charismatic when you’re in Maldives. It is an impressive private pool and amazing views of the ocean. They come with all the necessities to provide you with a memorable vacation.

     Couple Price: Starting Rs. 60,000/-
    Where: South Male Atoll, North Male Atoll, Lhaviyani Atoll, etc.

    05. Scooter Ride Under The Sea

    scooter ride under the sea

    A good way to see what lies beyond the magnificent blue ocean waters of the Indian Ocean is by sea scooter rides in Maldives. Another great thing about this activity is that this is one of the most fun things to do in Maldives for couples and you don’t need to have any prior training.

    In addition to it being a very affordable ride, you can get your hands on and start discovering the ocean and marine life around you. When you go on a honeymoon, you should take the opportunity to have some underwater scooter time with your partner as this is one of the best romantic things to do in Maldives. You’ll have a ton of fun and will always remember it.

     Couple Price: Rs. 70,000/-
    Where: Maafushi Island

    06. Jet Skis & Fun Tubes in the Indian Ocean

    jet ski in maldivers

    If you’re looking for fun things to do in Maldives for couples, we recommend checking out Jet Skiing, Fun Tubing, and Sailing. They’re great activities to do in Maldives for couples that are easy to go through while you’re here in the warm and clear tropical waters. There’s an opportunity to enjoy water sports in one of the most preferred locations worldwide. You’ll be able to spend quality time with your partner by doing this one of the most amazing romantic things to do in Maldives.

    Getting immersed in a calming aquatic experience with beautiful beaches and a nice climate, these activities to do in Maldives for couples that exist in this place are ideal for people to have something exciting.

     Couple Price: Starting Rs. 11,000/-
     Where: Maafushi Island

    07. Get a taste of flyboarding

    flyboarding in maldives

    Male, Maldives is one of the best places for flyboarding at the moment. It’s one of the top fun things to do in Maldives for couples and it lets you jump on the ocean just like a dolphin dance around. The jet-powered hoverboards let you try out this fun activity which is one of the best activities to do in Maldives for couples.

    Try this activity! You’ll need to leap and dive into the ocean like Iron Man, but on hoverboards. You’ll have an amazing time with that special someone.

     Couple Price: Starting Rs. 11,000/-
    Where: Male

    08. Take a Maldivian cruise tour

     maldivian cruise tour

    You might discover many romantic things to do in Maldives but If you want to do something exciting you should experience a cruise tour is one of the amazing activities to do in Maldives for couples.

    There are various pricing options available among which you can decide, it’s up to you. You can include activities like cruise tour snorkeling, surfing, dolphin-spotting, and many more in your customizable Maldives honeymoon package for couple.

     Couple Price: Rs. 20,000
    Where: Male

    09. Dinner under the stars at Villimale Island

     dinner in villimale island

    After spending all day exploring fun things to do in Maldives for couples, there are still plenty of things for fun on your Maldives vacation in the evening. If you’re looking for beautiful scenery, this may be one of the best & memorable activities to do in Maldives for couples. If you happen to be on a honeymoon in Maldives, there is no better way to have a romantic dinner than at the open beach.

    The food served at this restaurant is fantastic! It’ll leave you feeling satisfied and full of energy. The relaxing feeling of spending time on a beach is another upside to take in while you’re with your loved one.

     Couple Price: Not specified
     Where: Villimale Island

    10. Embrace Maldivian Lagoon Tours

    maldivian lagoon tours

    A well-known destination for travelers, the lagoons of Maldives are clear with exotic and beautiful marine life. Maldives is a perfect location because of the warm ocean, perfect visibility, and beautiful landscape. It is ideal for divers who love underwater diving and it’s on top of the fun things to do in Maldives for couples. The blue lagoons are great for snorkeling and you can explore the diverse aquatic flora and fauna underneath the turquoise waters.

     Couple Price: Rs. 6000

    11.Enjoy The Dolphin Dance

    dolphin dance in maldives

    One of the most amazing Maldives honeymoon things to do is witness the natural scenery & particularly, the flora and fauna. Dolphin watching has been placed on a list of fun things to do in Maldives for couples you should try while on vacation. Many dolphins are spotted at Muli channel in the Meemu Atoll so, if you’re a big fan of these aquatic sea creatures, you should pay a visit to this place as this is one of the most exciting Maldives honeymoon things to do.

     Couple Price: Not specified
     Where: Muli Channel in the Meemu Atoll

    12. Get Romantic In A Private Pool Villa

    private pool villai

    This is one of the most romantic things to do in Maldives. For the best memories of a trip, there’s nothing like saying yes to this! The private pool villas are the most luxurious resorts in Maldives and offer the best honeymoon experience ever.

    It’s important to find your own alone time with your significant other, which is why you should instead dine in these private pools without any outside disturbances. One of the ideal places to have a romantic getaway is beside pools in a tropical setting. Nice temperatures, scenic view, and lots of space for you & your partner!

     Couple Price: Starting Rs. 30,000
    Where: Resorts and private villas

    13. Take A Seaplane Ride

    seaplane ride

    If you have the opportunity to experience fun things to do in Maldives for couples, a great activity for you to try is riding on a seaplane. The landscapes fly by and you are able to explore one of the many remote islands across this paradise. If you book a stay at one of those luxury resorts, they’ll likely offer a seaplane to the resort from the airport. You and your partner should definitely hit the popular sightseeing spot with your sightseeing adventures.

     Couple Price: Rs. 10,000
     Where: Not specified

    14. Witness The Beautiful Noctiluca Scintillans

    noctiluca scintillans

    One of the best romantic things to do in Maldives at night is to simply enjoy the exquisite beauty of the nighttime. The natural phenomenon of Noctiluca scintillans causes the ocean to glow blue. In addition, it’s much appreciated when the soft waves produce. The sights are stunning with the starry skies making it almost feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie. They develop on the ocean, providing you with a feeling of grandeur. It’s worth the trip to see this stunning sight. You walk along the beach with your partner & enjoy this magnificent view as this is one of the best Maldives honeymoon things to do.

     Couple Price: Free of cost
    Where: Maldives Beach

    15. Relax With Partner At Spa Treatment

    spa treatment in maldives

    When you go to Maldives, try out the treatment at the spa. The staff is friendly and it’s great for relaxation. There are a lot of spas at resorts where you can revitalize yourself after a long day of exploring fun things to do in Maldives for couples.

    Give it a try with your loved one and enjoy a massage that is like no other. Services such as body treatments and world-class therapeutic techniques are offered by professionals who are trained. You can relax in a relaxing atmosphere with them.

     Couple Price: Rs. 20,000
     Where: Baros Island, Huvafen Fushi, etc.

    Travelers of all tastes will find something that will appeal to their senses definitely among these experiences.

    Planning your honeymoon with a Maldives honeymoon package for couple will make your time far more relaxing and provide a sense of accomplishment. Make sure to be on the same page with your accommodation before you arrive in order for your experience to be amazing. Include fun things to do in Maldives for couples in your honeymoon itinerary to enjoy the trip to the fullest with your partner.

    So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags and book your Maldives honeymoon package for couple now to have a wonderful romantic vacation for an experience that would definitely be worth your money.