• 5 Things to Do In Dubai In Man-Made Installations

    Dubai is a place where you can find almost everything, be it beautiful sights of nature, fun and adventure, the amazing architecture, or anything else. There’s so much to see and visit in Dubai that one trip to the place may not be enough.

    However, if you’re someone who loves being in close proximity to nature, this blog article is solely for you.

    In this article, we have covered three of the most amazing places in Dubai that are man-made but are very close to nature in their appeal and appearance. Being at these places, enjoying the peace, calm, and serenity they offer would be one of the best things to do in Dubai.

    Excited? Well, let’s move on to the list without any further ado.

    The Green Planet By Meraas

    best things to do in dubai

    The Green Plant is an eco-architecture built and developed in Dubai and it houses more than 3000 plant species as well as the world’s largest sustaining tree. In addition to the rich flora, the fauna is also great and there are different zones for the fauna such as the bat cave, sloth encounter, sugar glider encounter, and a lot more.

    Besides these zones, you can also see animals like piranhas, monkeys, parrots, and more in this eco-architecture.

    With this rich variety of biodiversity, this man-made place too becomes a place close to nature, something that you absolutely cannot miss to visit and cherish.

    Ski Dubai for Skiing

    fun things to do in dubai

    This is another man-made place that replicates a natural beauty and surroundings and makes you feel as if you’re in a snowy place with penguins around you. Ski Dubai is a restaurant full of snow and you can enjoy skiing here. So, the place is a blend of the calmness of nature and the thrill of an adventure.

    The experience of visiting this place is one of a kind and moving around here, skiing and playing in the snow while having penguins in the vicinity is one of the things to do in Dubai that you absolutely cannot miss out on.

    Tour in Dubai Miracle Gardens

    best things to do in dubai

    You will not see more flowers in your life than this place. Dubai Miracle Gardens is a beautiful place with flower installations that are one of a kind.

    The garden has structures of Emirates and a gigantic clock that changes its patterns every season.

    The garden also has Sunflower fields and multiple tunnels that are great for photography.

    Besides that, on the hill top, there are cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a meal when you’re famished after your tour in the garden.

    With such beauty of flower installations, the Dubai Miracle Garden is indeed enchanting and a great place created and developed by humans to give it a natural beauty and close to nature appeal.

    Are You Ready to Witness the Beauty?

    So, that was about the amazing places in Dubai that are all human-made but have a very natural appeal to them like you’re absolutely in natural surroundings. There are many more places like that to witness and many more things to do in Dubai that will take you closer to nature.

    Want to know more? Well, stick to this series of blogs about Dubai.

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