• In the Paradise on Earth – Famous Places in Kashmir

    Kashmir needs no introduction at all. It is a paradise on earth and you’ll find peaceful serenity and tranquillity in every place you go to in Kashmir. Every place is beautiful and popular in its own way. Yet when you are talking about a travel to Kashmir, you know that you can’t go every single place there.

    You need to choose some beautiful places out of so many. But what places must you choose? Well, herein below is a list of the most famous places in Kashmir for you to visit on your Kashmir tour for a good time.

    Best Places to Visit in Kashmir

    Kashmir is full of famous places. Be it Dal Lake or Sonamarg, the beauty is out of the world and breathtaking. But those are only two famous places in Kashmir. There are definitely more.

    Let us tell you about some of the best places to visit in Kashmir for the most memorable trip experience.



    Sonmarg is called so because you can see a meadow of gold here. This himalayan town is full of picturesque views of lakes and glaciers amidst mountains on which you can go trekking.

    The mountains are covered with snow during the winter months and that makes the town great for other adventurous activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Besides that you can also go fishing.

    One of the very adventurous activities most popular in Sonmarg due to its lakes and glaciers is white water rafting and you can have a wonderful time having this adventure.

    The place also has historical significance and has a pleasant weather throughout the year. However the best time to visit would be between April to October.

    Betaab Valley

    Betaab Valley

    The place was earlier known as the Hagan Valley. However, since it formed the backdrop of the famous Bollywood movie Betaab, it was renamed as Betaab Valley.

    The place is famous for its backdrop in the movie. But that’s not it. The valley is full of coniferous plants and trees and the view is amazing. With a wide variety of natural flora all over the valley, the place is absolutely natural and gives a peaceful and serene feeling.

    However, the place is not well built or developed as a tourist attraction spot. Nonetheless, people come to Betaab valley to look at the backdrop of the movie for real and enjoy its natural surroundings and beauty on a day picnic.



    Pahalgam, the valley of shepherds, is another famous place in Kashmir that you cannot miss at all. Perfect for all age group, you can find many activities to do in this shepherd valley. The place has picturesque views of the Sheshnag lake and the pine trees that will mesmerise you with their natural beauty and glamour.

    You can also enjoy an adventurous trek along the himalayan mountains in Pahalgam of you want to feel some adrenaline rush.

    The weather is beautiful most of the time and July to September is an ideal time to visit the place.

    Are You Ready to Travel to Kashmir?

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    Happy Touring!

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