• In the Ski Town of India – Skiing in Gulmarg

    Gulmarg is the skiing destination of India with the longest Apharwat peak that goes about 4390 meters. With an elevation of 3950 meters, Gulmarg is the third highest ski resort in the world and the powdery snow runs here are excellent for a fantastic skiing experience.

    However, before you go skiing in Gulmarg, there’s a lot you need to know. While it’s a famous skiing destination, there’s a lot that can be done to the skiing infrastructure here, and just to be safe, it’s essential that you know all about the slopes, peaks, and phases for skiing in this wonderful place.

    Let us take you through all the basics of skiing in Gulmarg.

    Skiing in Gulmarg – All You Need to Know

    Skiing in Gulmarg starts at the base of Apharwat peak and the entire route is divided into two phases. The first phase goes on from Gulmarg to Kondogri and the second phase is from Kondogri to the Apharwat peak. Both the phases can be reached from Gondola and the sights during the whole skiing tour are just breathtaking.

    In addition to all these phases for skiing and trainers to help you with the adventure, there are other services related to safe skiing in Gondola. The services available are avalanche mitigation and forecasting, snow grooming, and other first aid and rescue services to help anyone who got injured during skiing.

    There are also bunny slopes for beginners at the base of the village. So, be it a beginner or a pro, anyone can go skiing in Gulmarg. However, since the slopes are challenging, it’s advised that even the most experienced people must go along with trainers to enjoy the experience of skiing in Gulmarg.skiing in gulmarg cost

    Additionally, there are rental services for skiing as well and you can get all the skiing equipment from the government rental shops next to the beginners slopes. The cost of rental is about INR 800 for a pair of skis. However, that’s all you can rent. Helmets and eye gears are not available for rental and it is advisable that you carry them along.

    Some more things to keep in mind while skiing in Gulmarg are that the toilet situations on the slopes are really bad and you are better off avoiding using a washroom altogether.

    In case you feel hungry, there’s nothing to worry about though. There are many restaurants that offer good food and you can have a tummy full.ski town of india

    Finally, talking about the cost of skiing in Gulmarg, one tour should cost you about 750 to 950 INR.

    With all that said about skiing in Gulmarg, it does seem like an amazing experience that you must live once in a lifetime.

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