• Flavors of Kashmiri Food: 20 Authentic Kashmiri Cuisine

    kashmiri food

    Kashmir is not just a picturesque paradise but also a delight for food enthusiasts. It’s a must-visit place, and exploring the local cuisine is among one of the must things to do in Kashmir among the myriad activities to engage in while visiting Kashmir. The cuisine in Kashmir is diverse and delicious, showcasing influences from Mughals, Arabs, and Kashmiri pundits. If you love meat, you’re in luck as Kashmiris have mastered 30 different ways to prepare mutton.

    However, vegetarians need not feel left out because Kashmiri food has something special for them too. Explore the list, and you’ll find yourself craving these mouth-watering dishes. Don’t miss out on experiencing the flavors of Kashmiri food, including the Kashmir famous food that makes it a culinary delight.

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    Delicious 20 Kashmiri Food to Try

    Explore the rich and diverse world of Kashmiri cuisine with these 20 delicious dishes. Indulge in the flavors of Zaika-e-Kashmir during your vacation and satisfy the foodie in you!

    1. Rogan Josh
    2. Modur Pulao
    3. Dum Aloo
    4. Yakhni Lamb Curry
    5. Goshtaba
    6. Kahva
    7. Shab Deg
    8. Aab Gosh
    9. Lyader Tschaman
    10. Kashmiri Muji Gaad
    11. Kashmiri Baingan
    12. Kashmiri Rajma
    13. Matschgand
    14. Momos
    15. Thukpa
    16. Butter Tea
    17. Khambir
    18. Thenthuk
    19. Sheermal
    20. Nadir Monji

    These dishes capture the essence of Kashmiri culinary delights, offering a wide range of tastes and textures for you to savor. Make the most of your Kashmir experience by trying these popular and authentic Kashmiri foods.

    Rogan Josh

    rogan josh

    Kashmiri cuisine proudly claims its culinary prowess with the delectable Rogan Josh, a true icon that has firmly placed Kashmiri food on the gastronomic map. This signature dish boasts an aromatic lamb curry, skillfully crafted through a harmonious blend of various spices, yogurt, and caramelized onions. Not only does it captivate the senses with its rich flavors, but Rogan Josh also stands out as a healthy, low-fat indulgence. Whether paired with fragrant rice or warm naan bread, this Kashmir traditional food promises an unforgettable dining experience. For non-vegetarians, resisting a second serving of this exceptional Kashmiri dish may prove to be an impossible feat.

    Where to Try: Visit “Spice Terrace.” This restaurant is known for its rich and flavorful Rogan Josh, prepared with a perfect blend of aromatic spices and tender meat.

    Modur Pulao

    modur pulao

    Modur Pulao transcends the typical pulao dishes found in your mother’s tiffin. This celebrated Kashmiri food, a shining star in the realm of Kashmir cuisine, is meticulously crafted with the richness of milk, saffron, ghee, and cinnamon. But wait, there’s more! The rice is luxuriously adorned with an abundance of dry fruits, including almonds, cashews, and raisins. A subtle sweetness, courtesy of sugar, enhances the overall flavor profile.

    The key ingredient, saffron, takes center stage, sourced directly from the picturesque Kashmir region. The vivid golden hue bestowed by saffron upon the rice is not only visually enticing but also a testament to the authenticity of Kashmiri famous food. For enthusiasts of rice, this dish is an absolute essential among must-try Kashmiri dishes. Undoubtedly, Modur Pulao proudly claims its place as the most popular traditional food in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir.

    Where to Try: Head to “Saffron Delight.” This eatery specializes in Kashmiri cuisine, and their Modur Pulao is a fragrant and sweet delight that captures the essence of the region.

    Dum Aloo

    dum aloo

    Dum Aloo goes beyond the dish you sampled in the restaurant last time – for a genuine taste of Kashmiri cuisine, embark on a journey to experience Dum Aloo Kashmir food style. This traditional Kashmiri dish features baby potatoes simmered in a flavorful blend of yogurt, ginger paste, fennel, and robust spices. The mere aroma of this uncomplicated yet enticing dish is enough to whet your appetite. Indulge in the authentic flavors by pairing it with either roti or naan bread. For enthusiasts of Kashmiri food, Dum Aloo stands out as a must-try among the array of Kashmir famous food, showcasing the rich tapestry of Kashmiri dishes.

    Where to Try: Try “Kashmiri Bites.” Their Dum Aloo is a heavenly combination of baby potatoes and spices, slow-cooked to perfection, creating a mouthwatering experience.

    Yakhni Lamb Curry

    kashmiri famous food

    Yakhni Lamb Curry is a prime example of the yogurt-based delights that characterize Kashmiri food, deeply ingrained in the rich tapestry of traditional food of Kashmir and its unique culinary culture. This renowned dish encapsulates the essence of Kashmir food culture, featuring tender lamb immersed in a special gravy crafted from yogurt, mawal flowers, onion paste, and dry mint leaves. The tantalizing aroma of black and green cardamoms, coupled with fennel, will instantly awaken your appetite. Savor this authentic Kashmir delicacy with rice to fully experience the flavors that define the gastronomic landscape of Kashmiri food.

    Where to Try: Experience the authentic Yakhni Lamb Curry at “Kashmiri Flavors.” This restaurant is known for its traditional preparation methods, ensuring a rich and aromatic Yakhni curry.


    kashmiri food culture

    The fondness for meat is deeply ingrained in Kashmiri food culture, shared by both Kashmiris and Kashmiri pundits alike. Consequently, the rich culinary heritage of Kashmir prominently features an array of nonvegetarian delights. One such renowned dish is Goshtaba, a traditional delicacy that originated as a regal treat, designed for kings and boasting a truly royal taste.

    As a testament to its esteemed status, Goshtaba is reserved for special occasions in Kashmiri households. This dish comprises minced mutton balls expertly cooked in a yogurt-based gravy infused with a medley of exquisite spices. The irresistible flavors of Goshtaba are certain to tempt you into indulging in more than just a single serving, embodying the essence of Kashmir famous food and the cherished traditions of Kashmiri cuisine.

    Where to Try: Indulge in the exquisite Goshtaba at “Kashmiri Essence.” This place is celebrated for its commitment to preserving Kashmiri culinary traditions, and its Goshtaba is a true testament to that dedication.



    In the beautiful land of Kashmir, partaking in Kahva tea is a customary practice. This holds significance in the rich tapestry of Jammu Kashmir culture food. Kahva, an herbal green tea infused with saffron spices, almonds, and walnuts, is a popular beverage enjoyed during feasts and festivals.

    The diversity of Kashmiri food culture is evident in the fact that there exist around 20 distinct variations of Kahva, each crafted in households across the region. Some individuals even opt to enhance its richness by adding milk. In certain villages and areas, it goes by the name “Maugal Chai.” This aromatic brew represents not just a beverage but a revered traditional food of Jammu and Kashmir, embodying the essence of Kashmiri food and its cultural heritage.

    Where to Try: Visit “Chai Chaupal.” This tea house is known for its authentic Kashmiri Kahva, offering a soothing and aromatic blend of green tea, spices, and saffron in a cozy ambiance.

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    Shab Deg

    Shab deg

    Shab Deg stands as a nostalgic Kashmiri delight, evoking deep sentiments with just a mention of its name—a sentiment well understood by any Kashmiri. This traditional food of Kashmir is a meat delicacy that undergoes a patient and elaborate overnight cooking process, utilizing a rich array of ingredients. The term “Shab” signifies night, while “Deg” refers to a substantial cooking vessel.

    This unique dish involves slow-cooking a rooster with turnips and spices throughout the night, ensuring the perfect infusion of flavors. The culinary magic happens within a vessel sealed with dough. Shab Deg holds a special place as a dish crafted for large family gatherings or when hosting guests. This culinary gem encapsulates the essence of Kashmiri food and the cherished traditions within Kashmiri cuisine.

    Where to Try: Head to “Kashmiri Delights Restaurant.” Known for its traditional Kashmiri cuisine, this restaurant prepares a delicious Shab Deg, a slow-cooked meat stew with a medley of aromatic spices.

    Aab Gosh

    Kashmiri food

    Aab Gosh, a delightful treat for those with a penchant for mutton, stands out as one of the most renowned dishes within the realm of Kashmir food and culture. This Kashmir famous food involves the slow-cooking of mutton in a delectable blend of milk and spices, resulting in meat so flavorful and succulent that it effortlessly falls off the bone. Once you’ve experienced the exquisite taste of Aab Gosh, all other mutton dishes may fade from memory. Best enjoyed with well-cooked saffron rice, this dish holds a special place and is often prepared during significant occasions like festivals and gatherings, embodying the essence of Kashmir traditional food.

    Where to Try: Try “Kashmiri Kitchen Oasis.” Renowned for its flavorful Aab Gosh, this eatery captures the essence of Kashmiri culinary expertise, offering a delightful mutton curry cooked in milk.

    Lyader Tschaman

    kashmiri food

    Lyader Tschaman stands as a testament to the abundance of vegetarian options within Kashmir food culture, dispelling any notion of scarcity. This Kashmiri cottage cheese dish is meticulously crafted in a luxurious creamy gravy, showcasing the distinctive yellow hue inherent to Kashmiri cottage cheese. Widely present in nearly every household, this traditional delicacy possesses an irresistible allure that even non-vegetarians find themselves drawn to relish. Unquestionably, Lyader Tschaman holds the coveted title of being the most sought-after vegetarian Kashmiri food, enriching the landscape of Kashmir famous food and upholding the cherished traditions within Kashmiri cuisine.

    Where to Try: Experience the authentic Lyader Tschaman at “Kashmiri Spice Villa.” This dish, featuring cottage cheese in a rich, aromatic gravy, is a specialty at this restaurant, known for its commitment to Kashmiri flavors.

    Kashmiri Muji Gaad

    kashmiri food

    Kashmiri Muji Gaad, a celebrated dish in the realm of Kashmiri food, takes center stage during special occasions and festivals, particularly in December. This distinctive recipe features fish, typically paired with radish or Nadur, creating a harmonious blend of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian elements that contribute to its unique taste. The infusion of hot spices and herbs enhances the overall flavor profile. To fully savor the dish, it is recommended to allow it to settle for an hour after preparation. Indulge in the exquisite taste of Muji Gaad Fish Radish Recipe, served ideally with rice and Haakh, contributing to the array of Kashmir famous food and showcasing the brilliance of Kashmiri famous dishes.

    Where to Try: Indulge in the Kashmiri Muji Gaad at “Saffron Savor.” This restaurant is recognized for its expertise in preparing traditional Kashmiri dishes, and its Muji Gaad, a fish curry with radishes, is a must-try.

    Kashmiri Baingan

    kashmiri baingan

    Kashmiri Baingan, a delectable and distinctive dish within the realm of Kashmiri food, presents a flavorful and irresistible culinary experience. This lip-smacking creation involves dicing eggplant and cooking it in a tantalizing yogurt-based gravy, leaving you yearning for more. As a perfect fusion in Kashmiri cuisine, it serves as an enticing side dish. This vegetarian delight, prepared in various ways, enjoys equal love from the people of Kashmir, contributing to the array of Kashmir famous food and showcasing the culinary brilliance inherent in Kashmiri cuisine.

    Where to Try: Visit “Taste of Kashmir.” This eatery is celebrated for its diverse Kashmiri menu, and its Kashmiri Baingan, featuring eggplants cooked with a blend of spices, is a delightful choice for vegetarians.

    Kashmiri Rajma

    kashmiri food

    Indulge in the delightful experience of Kashmiri Rajma, a versatile dish that pairs exceptionally well with Tawa Paratha, Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha, or steamed rice, making it an ideal choice for both lunch and dinner. Hailing from North India, this dish is renowned for its rich flavors and a touch of spiciness. For a healthy breakfast option, consider preparing a red kidney bean salad. Ensure not to overlook the authentic taste that makes Kashmiri Rajma stand out as one of the most popular Kashmiri veg dishes. Embrace the culinary brilliance within Kashmiri food and explore the charm of Kashmir famous food through this enticing dish.

    Where to Try: Head to “Spices of Kashmir.” This restaurant is known for its authentic Kashmiri cuisine, and their Kashmiri Rajma, a red kidney bean curry with aromatic spices, is a crowd-pleaser.


    kashmiri food

    When embarking on a journey to Kashmir, make sure to savor the culinary delight known as Matschgand, a beloved traditional food of Kashmir that promises to delight your taste buds. This meat-centric dish is prepared in a spicy red gravy, elevating its flavor profile. Frequently, a blend of nuts and dry fruits is incorporated, enhancing the already delectable nature of the dish. This lip-smacking Kashmiri cuisine is readily available at numerous restaurants across Kashmir, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Kashmiri food and the cherished traditions within Kashmir food culture.

    Where to Try: Try “Kashmiri Flavors Kitchen.” This eatery specializes in traditional Kashmiri dishes, and their Matschgand, minced meatballs in a rich and spicy gravy, is a highlight of their menu.


    kashmiri food

    Undoubtedly, people across North India share an undeniable affection for momos. While not native to Kashmir, momos have become a culinary delight and one of the finest gastronomic experiences in the region. In Kashmir, this dish reflects a harmonious blend of the original and local influences, offering a unique twist. These spicy dumplings, whether filled with meat or vegetables, cater to a variety of preferences. Indulge in the mouth-watering delight of momos, accompanied by a zesty red sauce, highlighting the culinary diversity within Kashmiri food and contributing to the allure of Kashmir famous food.

    Where to Try: Visit “Himalayan Dumplings Delight.” This restaurant is renowned for its momos, offering a variety of fillings and served with delicious sauces to satisfy your dumpling cravings.



    Thukpa, a dish that has captured the taste buds of people across India, is an incredibly delicious culinary creation originating from the Eastern part of Tibet. A favorite among locals in Kashmir, this dish features thick noodles immersed in a delightful vegetable soup. The perfect fusion of noodles and soup makes Thukpa a versatile choice, available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variations. This dish caters to the discerning palate of every food enthusiast, highlighting the diversity within Kashmiri food and showcasing the appeal of Kashmiri dishes.

    Where to Try: Experience the authentic Thukpa at “Tibetan Taste Haven.” While Thukpa is not originally from Kashmir, it’s a popular dish in the region. This restaurant serves a hearty and flavorful bowl of Thukpa, a Tibetan noodle soup.

    Butter Tea

    Kashmiri food

    Hailing from Tibet, Butter Tea has become a renowned and essential element of Kashmiri food culture. This staple dish of Kashmir involves the addition of butter and salt to the tea, creating a delectable delicacy. To enhance the flavor, some locals may introduce yak meat, making it a distinctive inclusion in the special Kashmiri wazwan dishes. This traditional beverage reflects the rich tapestry of Kashmiri food and adds to the cultural allure of Kashmir food culture.

    Where to Try: Warm up with a cup of Butter Tea at “Tea Trails Retreat.” This tea house offers a cozy ambiance and serves authentic Kashmiri Butter Tea, a unique blend of tea, butter, and salt.



    Khambir, a locally favored bread resembling a pan shape, is an essential dish, particularly when paired with butter tea—a must-try for adventurous travelers seeking unique Kashmiri food experiences. Typically consumed during breakfast, Khambir stands out with its brown hue and substantial crust, crafted from indigenous whole wheat. The distinctive texture and flavor of this bread crafted from local ingredients leave diners longing for more, contributing to the allure of Kashmir famous food and embodying the traditions within Kashmiri food culture.

    Where to Try: Try “Kashmiri Oven Delights.” This bakery is known for its traditional bread, and its Khambir, a round and slightly leavened bread, is a perfect accompaniment to Kashmiri dishes.



    Thenthuk, another delectable noodle-soup delicacy hailing from Leh, is created by combining irregular noodle pieces with locally sourced wheat flour dough. To elevate the flavor profile, chunks of mutton or yak meat are incorporated into Henthuk. Renowned for its hearty nature, this dish is ideally enjoyed during lunch or dinner. This Kashmiri food delight adds to the list of Kashmir famous food, exemplifying the richness of traditional food in Kashmir.

    Where to Try: Head to “Tibetan Aroma.” While Thenthuk is more Tibetan than Kashmiri, this restaurant is known for its Tibetan cuisine, offering a comforting bowl of Thenthuk, a hand-pulled noodle soup.



    Sheermal is an absolute delight that should be part of your culinary exploration in Kashmir. Infused with saffron, this flatbread boasts a mouthwatering taste and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Combining crispiness with a hint of sweetness, Sheermal is a Kashmiri food that can be easily recreated in the comfort of your home. However, for an authentic experience and to truly savor the original flavors, consider joining a cooking class in Kashmir and preparing this dish alongside the locals. Are you ready for a delightful cooking adventure? This experience adds to the array of Kashmir famous food, highlighting the richness of Kashmir traditional food.

    Where to Try:  Indulge in Sheermal at “Royal Kashmir Bakery.” This bakery is famous for its traditional Kashmiri bread, and their Sheermal, a sweet, saffron-infused bread, is a delightful treat.

    Nadir Monji

    nadir monji

    Nadir Monji, a delectable Kashmiri food, caters to those who relish fried and spicy delights. Crafted from Lotus stem, Nadir Monji holds a special place as a favored snack among the locals in Kashmir. To prepare this flavorful dish, Lotus stem undergoes a coating of gram flour and spices before being deep-fried to perfection. Served alongside a refreshing mint dip, Nadir Monji proves to be a satisfying snack, ideal for satiating your hunger while exploring the enchanting Dal Lake. This Kashmir famous food is readily available at Dal Lake, contributing to the diverse array of Kashmiri dishes that showcase the richness of Kashmiri food culture.

    Where to Try: Experience Nadir Monji at “Kashmiri Spice Delight.” This dish, featuring lotus stem cooked in a flavorful curry, is a specialty at this restaurant.


    Exploring Kashmiri cuisine is a delightful journey through a tapestry of rich flavors and aromatic spices. Whether you’re savoring the warmth of a cup of Butter Tea, indulging in the succulence of Matschgand, or relishing the comforting taste of Kashmiri Rajma, each dish tells a unique story of the region’s culinary heritage.

    From renowned restaurants like “Spices of Kashmir” to local gems like “Royal Kashmir Bakery,” the variety and authenticity of Kashmiri food are sure to captivate your taste buds. To immerse yourself even further in the charm of Kashmiri flavors, consider booking the most exclusive and budget-friendly Kashmir tour package. Explore more of Kashmiri food, savor the delights of Kashmir’s famous cuisine, and create lasting memories on your culinary adventure.