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    national parks in madhya pradesh

    If you’re a wildlife lover, then a trip to Madhya Pradesh is something on top of your travel bucket list. Madhya Pradesh is a hotspot for wildlife tourism given the rich fauna here spread over nine national parks and six tiger reserves in the entire state.

    You can find the most exotic species on a jungle safari in the wildlife centres in Madhya Pradesh. However, while there are so many national parks to visit, people are only aware of a few like the Kanha National Park and Pench.

    Well, of course, there’s a lot more to the list and this article is all about that. In this article, we shall unfold all the national parks that are to visit in the beautiful city of Madhya Pradesh so that you can have the best experience on your wildlife tourism trip.

    9 Best National Parks In Madhya Pradesh

    Madhya Pradesh has nine national parks across the entire state and every national park visit is an experience of a lifetime in itself. Let’s stop beating around the bush and head straight to the list of all the national parks that will be a treat to your eyes, heart, and soul.

    Kanha National Park

    Who hasn’t heard the name of Kanha National Park. It was quite obvious that this name will appear on top of the list. Kanha National Park is known for its amazing management. Being the best managed national park in Madhya Pradesh, the Kanha National Park shows a very rich flora and fauna with the sightings of gorgeous streams, meadows, and jungles where you can witness animals like Bengal Tiger, leopards, and barasingha walking through the wild.

    The wilderness of this national park is amazing with its beautiful views and sights. One of the most famous spots here is the Sunset Point which is called Bammi Dadar. The view from this place is amazing with the soft and bright red hue spread over the blue sky and the sun setting into oblivion.

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    Bandhavgarh National Park

    One of the best tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh and a national park with the most tigers in India, the Bandhavgarh National Park is a pleasure to visit. The place has been famous since the ancient times when kings saw it as a great hunting ground.

    In present times, the place is a great site for wildlife and heritage tourism with treks to Bandhavgarh Fort and a jungle safari in the national park.

    Besides that, the place is also famous for wildlife photography, shopping in the Bandhavgarh market, etc.

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    Panna National Park

    With beautiful and picturesque views and an abode for rich fauna, the Panna National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks that you will ever visit.

    Along the shores of River Ken, you can enjoy a boat safari or an elephant safari in this national park which is a unique experience.

    Since it’s also a tiger reserve, you’ll witness Indian tigers here. Moreover, along the Ken Gharial Sanctuary, you can have the sightings of gharials. The place is also famous for the sightings of vultures.

    Besides these sightings of animals, you can have a soothing time at the Raneh falls in the national park. Moreover, places like Mahamati Prannathji Temple and Ajaygarh Fort are also a famous attraction here.

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    Satpura National Park

    With fascinating hills, deep gorges, and rugged terrains there is not a more beautiful and adventurous national park in Madhya Pradesh. With its amazing archaeological artefacts and stunning paintings this national park is a must visit place for all historical lovers.

    The wildlife enthusiasts will find the national park most stunning due to the presence of exotic species of birds and marsh crocodiles here.

    With all these things, Satpura National Park is an attractive place that you cannot miss at all on your wildlife adventure trip to Madhya Pradesh.

    wildlife tourism in madhya pradesh

    Madhav National Park

    With a very rich species of flora and fauna, Madhav National Park is one of the most fascinating national parks in Madhya Pradesh. It has great sightings of animals like tigers, nilgai, sambar, hyena, sloth bears, and crocodiles which make it a great place to visit for wildlife lovers.

    Even bird watchers can have a very soothing and relaxing experience here with the sightings of many migratory birds like geese, pochard, teal, mallard, and gadwall in the national park.

    With this rich flora and fauna, it’s natural that the national park was a famous hunting ground for the Marathas and Mughals in the ancient times.

    Even today, the place has maintained its rich greenery and fauna and is an attraction you cannot miss.

    In addition to the sightings of animals the place is famous for its sailing club, the Sadhya Sagar Lake, and the George Castle.

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    Sanjay National Park

    Sanjay National Park is a part of the tiger reserve and is a major attraction for rich flora and fauna. With its greenery, it’s a home to endangered species like tigers, leopards, deers, sambars, and chinkaras.

    The place is not only famous for its jungle safari but you can also enjoy activities like boating, swimming, and nature walk. Moreover, shopping is also a common attraction here where you can go to the tribal haat in Chardadol and pick out traditional and cultural items as souvenirs from your trip.

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    Pench National Park

    Pench is another famous and popularly known national park in Madhya Pradesh where you can spot tigers and leopards. The national park is known for the way it’s built with the Pench river flowing through its middle, dividing the entire space into two equal parts.

    With a picturesque view, you can enjoy this national park to the fullest enjoying jungle safaris, bird watching, and other activities around the park and river.

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    Van Vihar National Park

    The Van Vihar National Park is another fascinating park where you can find the species living in their natural habitat. The national park is fascinating with around 200 bird species and 60 butterfly species.

    It is also a home to many endangered species like white tiger and lion, albino sloth bear, sambar, nilgai, cheetal, blackbuck, and more.

    The national park also has a lake where you can enjoy sightseeing of bird species and butterflies.

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    Fossil National Park

    One of the most interesting national parks of Madhya Pradesh, fossil national park is a hub for archaeologists and history lovers. The park showcases plant fossils along with informative notes that help know the history behind those fossils. There’s also a museum where you can witness the age-old fossils of seeds and leaves preserved.

    With a different concept, the visit to this national park will be unique and one of a kind.

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