• 8 Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Asia

    places to celebrate new year in asia

    Ring in the New Year with unforgettable celebrations in Asia! From vibrant places to celebrate New Year in Asia to breathtaking New Year celebration in Asia with fireworks displays, the continent offers plenty of options for a memorable New Year’s Eve experience. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere as these cities come alive with lights and music, creating an electric energy that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you prefer the dynamic buzz of urban celebrations or the tranquil beauty of nature, Asia has something for everyone. Dive into local traditions, indulge in delicious cuisine, and witness the sky illuminated with dazzling colours. Make your New Year’s Eve extraordinary by exploring the diverse and enchanting destinations in Asia, promising a start to the year filled with joy and unforgettable memories.

    8 Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Asia

    1. Tokyo, Japan
    2. Bangkok, Thailand
    3. Hong Kong, China
    4. Seoul, South Korea
    5. Goa, India
    6. Singapore
    7. Taipei, Taiwan
    8. Hanoi, Vietnam

    Tokyo, Japan

    new year in asia

    Tokyo, the bustling capital of Japan, seamlessly blends modernity and tradition. Experience Skyscrapers with historic temples, creating a dynamic cityspace. Explore the vibrant districts of Shibuya and Shinjuku, known for their neon lights and entertainment hubs—perfect places to celebrate New Year in Asia. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Meiji Shrine or the cherry blossoms in Ueno Park. Indulge in authentic sushi at Tsukiji Fish Market or experience the quirky side of Japan in Akihabara. As the New Year approaches, witness the majestic Tokyo Tower illuminated in festive lights. Explore one of the best New Year destinations in Asia and create lasting memories in the heart of this dynamic city.

    Things to explore:
    Tsukiji Fish Market
    Meiji Shrine
    Shibuya Crossing
    Akihabara’s electronic town
    Ueno Park’s cherry blossoms

    How to celebrate New Year:

    1. Attend a traditional Hatsumode at Meiji Shrine
    2. Experience the countdown at Tokyo Tower
    3. Join locals in Osechi Ryori (New Year’s meal)

    Bangkok, Thailand

    new years eve bangkok

    Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand, captivates visitors with its rich culture, bustling street life, and ornate temples. Navigate the Chao Phraya River, passing by the iconic Wat Arun and Wat Pho. Discover the lively street markets of Chatuchak and sample mouth-watering street food. As the New Year approaches, witness the city illuminated with colourful lights and join the locals in the exuberant New Years Eve Bangkok countdown celebrations. Discover one of the places to celebrate New Year in Asia with our Bangkok tour packages and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this dynamic city.

    Things to explore:
    Chatuchak Weekend Market
    Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew
    Khao San Road’s nightlife
    Jim Thompson House
    Asiatique the Riverfront

    How to celebrate New Year:

    1. Join the countdown at centralWorld or Asiatique
    2. Cruise the Chao Phraya for a unique celebration
    3. Experience traditional Thai New Year (Songkran) rituals

    Hong Kong, China

    new year party in hong kong

    Hong Kong, a dazzling metropolis on the South China Sea, seamlessly blends Eastern and Western influences. Skyscrapers dominate the skyline, while traditional markets and temples thrive at street level. Visit the Victoria Peak for panoramic views, wander through the vibrant neighbourhoods of Central and Mong Kok, and savour dim sum in a local tea house. As New Year approaches, Hong Kong transforms into a dazzling spectacle of fireworks over Victoria Harbour. Experience the enchanting New Year celebration in Asia as the city comes alive with lights and festivities, creating a memorable start to the year.

    Things to explore:
    Victoria Peak
    Temple Street Night Market
    Hong Kong Disneyland
    Wong Tai Sin Temple
    Star Ferry

    How to celebrate New Year:

    1. Watch the breathtaking fireworks over Victoria Harbour
    2. Join the countdown at Tsim Sha Tsui or Lan Kwai Fong
    3. Participate in the traditional Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree ritual

    Seoul, South Korea

    new year celebration in asia

    Seoul, the vibrant capital of South Korea, offers a unique blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge technology. Explore the historic Gyeongbokgung Palace or stroll through the trendy streets of Gangam. Indulge in Korean barbecue and kimchi at local eateries. As the cook strikes midnight, witness the spectacular Bosingak Bell Ringing Ceremony, marking the beginning of a promising new year. Explore the best places to celebrate New Year in Asia with rich cultural experience and vibrant festivities.

    Things to explore:
    Gyeongbokgung Palace
    Insadong Cultural Street
    N Seoul Tower
    Bukchon Hanok Village
    Gangnam District

    How to celebrate New Year:

    1. Attend the Bosingak Bell Ringing Ceremony
    2. Join the countdown at Bongeunsa Temple or in popular districts
    3. Enjoy traditional Tteokguk (rice cake soup)

    Goa, India

    new year eve parties in goa

    Goa, known for its sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife, becomes a lively haven during New Year’s Eve. Celebrate in the festive atmosphere along the shores of Baga or Anjuna. Explore the historic churches of Old Goa or take a spice plantation tour. As the clock nears midnight, beachfront parties and firework displays light up the coastline, creating the best ambiance for new year eve parties in Goa, a memorable start to the new year events in Goa. Enjoy the vibrant celebrations in this coastal paradise, making your New Year’s Eve a truly unforgettable experience. Plan a Goa trip today.

    Things to explore:
    Baga Beach
    Basilica of Bom Jesus
    Anjuna Flea Market
    Spice Plantation Tour
    Dudhsagar Waterfalls

    How to Celebrate New Year:

    1. Attend beach parties in Baga or Anjuna
    2. Join the vibrant countdown at popular clubs
    3. Experience the all-night beach celebrations


    new year celebrations singapore

    Singapore, a city-state at the crossroads of culture and innovation, offers a spectacular New Year’s experience. Explore the iconic Gardens by the Bay or wander through the vibrant neighbourhoods of Chinatown and Little India. Indulge in a culinary adventure at the hawker centres and marvel at the city skyline from the Marina bay Sands SkyPark. Immerse yourself in the enchanting new year celebrations in Singapore, one of the best places to celebrate New Year in Asia, where the city comes alive with lights and festivities, creating a memorable start to the year.

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    Things to explore:
    Gardens by the Bay
    Little India
    Marina Bay Sands
    Singapore Botanic Gardens

    How to celebrate New Year

    1. Attend the countdown at Marina Bay Sands or Gardens by the Bay
    2. Join the festivities in Sentosa
    3. Take in the breathtaking fireworks display over the cityscape

    Taipei, Taiwan

    new year in taipei

    Taipei, the dynamic capital of Taiwan, seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Explore the historic temples of Longshan and Confucius, stroll through the vibrant Ximending district, and ascend Taipei 101 for panoramic views. As the year comes to a close, join the electrifying Taipei 101 New Year’s Eve fireworks display, one of the most spectacular in the world. Discover one of the captivating places to celebrate New Year in Asia and embrace the dynamic energy of Taipei as you welcome the new year.

    Things to explore:
    Taipei 101
    National Palace Museum
    Elephant Mountain
    Longshan Temple

    How to celebrate New Year

    1. Witness the Taipei 101 fireworks display
    2. Join the countdown at City Hall or Xinyi District
    3. Participate in the tradition of releasing sky lanterns in Pingxi

    Hanoi, Vietnam

    new year celebration in hanoi

    Hanoi, the enchanting capital of Vietnam, exudes charm with its ancient architecture, vibrant markets, and serene lakes. Explore the historic Old Quarter, visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, and savour the flavours of Vietnamese street food. As the new year approaches, join locals in the lively new year celebration in Hanoi around Hoan Kiem Lake. Explore the festive atmosphere and create lasting memories in this culturally rich city as you welcome the new year.

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    Things to explore:
    Hoan Kiem Lake
    Old Quarter
    Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
    Temple of Literature
    Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

    How to celebrate New Year

    1. Join the countdown at Hoan Kiem Lake
    2. Experience the festive atmosphere in the old Quarter
    3. Indulge in traditional Vietnamese tet dishes

    General Tips for an Unforgettable Asian New Year’s Adventure

    1. Weather Considerations – Check the weather conditions during New Year’s period for all places to celebrate in New year in Asia to pack accordingly and plan for indoor or outdoor celebrations.
    1. Festive Attire – Embrace the local New Year’s customs by donning festive attire. In some destinations, wearing traditional clothing might add an extra layer of cultural immersion.
    1. Local Transportation Hacks – Familiarise yourself with the local transportation options. Some cities might have special New Year’s Eve transportation services or restrictions.
    1. Multicultural Celebrations – While experiencing the unique traditions of each destination, keep an eye out for multicultural events that bring together locals and tourists to celebrate the diversity of the holiday season.
    1. Language Basics – Learn a few basic phrases in the local language to enhance your travel experience and connect with locals during the festive season.
    1. Stay Connected – Stay connected with travel apps and local event calendars to make the most of New Year’s celebrations. Be aware of any local Covid-19 guidelines or restrictions that might affect your plans.
    1. Capture the Moments – Bring a quality camera or ensure your smartphone is ready to capture the vibrant atmosphere, dazzling fireworks, and unique cultural moments during the New Year’s festivities in places to celebrate New Year in Asia.
    1. Plan Ahead – Some destinations might have specific New Year’s events that require advance bookings. Plan your itinerary accordingly to ensure you don’t miss out on the most exciting celebrations.
    1. Respect Local Customs – Be mindful of local customs and traditions during the festive season. Respectful participation can add depth to your experience and foster positive interactions with locals.
    1. Create Lasting Memories – Make the most of your New Year’s adventure by immersing yourself fully in the local culture, trying new foods, and participating in unique traditions. Make lifelong moments that you will cherish.


    Choosing any of the “8 Best Places to celebrate New Year in Asia” offers a chance to have a great time and try out new things. Asia, with its diverse locations and fascinating history, provides a blend of ancient customs and contemporary celebrations. When the clock shows midnight, all these cities light up with excitement for the new year. Whether you’re amazed by the bright fireworks in Hong Kong or taking part in the old customs of Seoul’s Bosingak Bell Ringing Ceremony, you’ll feel the specialness of New Year’s Eve in Asia.

    These places aren’t just spots on a map. They’re places to celebrate New Year in Asia where you can learn about different cultures, taste yummy food, and make memories that stay with you for a long time. The places we talked about don’t only show how cool cities can be but also let you enjoy nature, like the pretty cherry blossoms in Tokyo or the peaceful lakes in Hanoi.

    Choosing any of these places to celebrate New Year in Asia means more than just celebrating a new year. It means joining people from all over the world in fun traditions and making memories that will stick with you. So, go on this awesome journey, enjoy the differences, and let the spirit of the New Year Celebration in Asia make your heart happy.