• Chasing Winter Wonders: 10 Enchanting Snowy Places in India to Explore

    5 Snowy Places to Visit in India – These are the Most Beautiful Places in India

    Well, for starters, hill stations will be your choice for the trip considering they’re cool and have a soothing climate. However, you don’t want to end up at just any hill station. You want to see yourself enjoying the best hill station which might just be one of the most beautiful places you have ever witnessed.

    Well, we are here to help you know such beautiful places of India which are nothing less than a gorgeous snow bed waiting to treat you to a memorable and cherishing time.

    Best and Most Beautiful Places of India For A Winter Experience In Summers

    You always want to spend some time in cooler places during summers so that you can beat the heat and have a winter experience. Well, you can go anywhere, but when the beauty of the places you’re visiting is breathtaking, your entire trip becomes a more wholesome experience.

    So, let us acquaint you with some of the most beautiful places of India that are a welcome sight for a great experience in a cool place.


    The beauty of Manali is par excellence. This hill station located in a valley on the shore of the Beas River is a snow bed that stretches as far as the eyes can go. The beauty of Manali is also visible in movies like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Jab We Met.

    You can enjoy an adventurous trek on the mountains and the satisfaction of witnessing the beauty of the city from top is a feeling that cannot really be put to words.cold places to visit in summer in india


    Within the backdrop of the Himalayas, Ladakh is a place that’s popular for its beauty, thrill, and adventures. The Himalayan ranges make the place picturesque and you’d fall in love with the beauty of the ranges and the surroundings. The roads are adventurous and scenic which makes Ladakh also a place for enjoying bike rides. You can also go trekking and indulge in other adventurous activities and sports in Ladakh.
    snowy places to visit in india


    Gulmarg is so beautiful with its vast stretches of snow and the snow-clad pine trees throughout the land that it’s nothing short of a paradise on earth. The town is most famous for its skiing and people love to get their skiing gear and enjoy the amazing adventure that the place has to offer.

    Even if you’re not planning on skiing, being in the snow-clad environment where you can enjoy the cool and beautiful sensation of the snow while taking in the scenic views makes this place a must-visit place when it comes to travelling to the most beautiful places of India.snowy places to visit in india

    Where Will You Start Your Journey and Experience?

    Well, the aforementioned are three amazing and most beautiful places of India in the Northern region alone. There are, of course, more places to visit in other regions. However, we have limited the scope of this article to just these three places so that you’re not confused when choosing a tour package.

    So, which of these beautiful places of India will you choose to visit first? Let us know and we’ll create a great tour package for you with the best deals and offers.