• Best Restaurants in Kerala for a Culinary Sojourn

    best restaurants in kerala

    As we contemplate ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala, we generally imagine the backwaters, houseboats, and sea shores. What we don’t think about is the wide variety of luxurious Kerala food. From Karimeen Pollicahthu to Puttu, from Appam to different kinds of fish and some famous food in Kerala, the choices are endless with best restaurants in Kerala. Practically every one of the Malayalam foods is made in coconut oil, which thus gives an exceptionally true taste of famous food in Kerala.

    There is likewise a great deal of purpose of tamarind and curry leaves in the foods. Best of all, there are so many best restaurants in Kerala; hence, you won’t ever miss the mark concerning choices with regard to tasting the neighborhood food in Kerala.

    13 Best Restaurants in Kerala

    Allow us to examine the best places to eat in Kerala that you should visit once when you are in the state.

    • Grand Pavilion
    • Indian Coffee House
    • Kethal’s Chicken
    • Shala Restaurant
    • Rahmathullah Hotel
    • Rapsy Restaurant
    • Menorah
    • Hotel Annapoorna
    • Dal Roti
    • Beatles Restaurant
    • Kashi Art Café
    • German Bakery
    • Le Sante Café

    01. Grand Pavilion

     Grand Pavilion Kerala

    As we discuss Kerala food heavens, we can’t simply just miss out on this food paradise if you are looking for the best restaurants in Kerala. It is one of the most established food diners in Kochi where you can arrange the absolute most heavenly dishes like Karimeen Pollichathu, Biriyani, Fish, and so on. You will likewise get different Syrian food choices here.

    Location: Ernakulam, Kochi
    Specialty: Karimeen Pollichathu, Biriyani, Seafood, etc.

    02. Indian Coffee House

     Indian Coffee House Kerala

    Indian Coffee House is one of the oldest eateries and best restaurants in Kerala. Furthermore, on the off chance that you live in or visit Trivandrum, it is a must-visit place. The channel espresso served here is invigorating. You can likewise arrange some dosa and idli here.

    Specialty: Filter coffee, Idli, and Dosa
    Location: Central Station Road, Trivandrum

    03. Kethal’s Chicken

    Kethal’s Chicken Kerala

    Assuming you have caught wind of Kerala’s fried chicken and want to try famous food in Kerala, you should visit Kethal’s Chicken. They have been serving since around 1949 and are possibly the most sought-after café in Trivandrum. You should definitely try chicken fry with chapati at this one of the best places to eat in Kerala.

    Specialty: Chicken fry with chapati
    Location: Rahmaniya Lane, Chalai Bazar,Trivandrum

    04. Shala Restaurant

    Shala Restaurant Kerala

    If you miss home-prepared food, you can try the famous food in Kerala at Shala Restaurant without even batting an eye. The expert chefs of this restaurant are local housewives, who cook legitimate home-style famous food in Kerala. You might try and track down lengthy lines in the café to get a table.

    A portion of the extraordinary dishes here is kingfish steak and Malabar prawn curry.

    Location: Peter Celli Street, Fort Kochi, Kochi
    Specialty: Kingfish steak and Malabar prawn curry

    05. Rahmathullah Hotel

    Rahmathullah Hotel Kerala

    If you are searching for the best biryani & best restaurants in Kerala, you should visit Rahmathullah Hotel. Started around 1948, Rahmathullah hotel is a most loved eatery of numerous in Kochi, particularly the biryani darlings. They offer a wide range of biryani; be that as it may, some of them are served on specific days of the week. For instance, on Fridays, you will get fish biryani, while on Tuesdays, you will get prawn biryani. On different days of the week, you will get chicken and sheep biryani which are some famous food in Kerala.

    Specialty: Fish biryani, Prawn biryani
    Location: Aanavaadal, Fort Kochi, Mattancherry, Kochi

    06. Rapsy Restaurant

    Rapsy Restaurant Kerala

    We as a whole attempt to try not to eat out toward the month’s end, however, in the event that you want to eat some great & famous food in Kerala during those days, you can visit Rapsy Café. Dishes like biryani and Rapsy’s exceptional paratha are some famous food in Kerala, starting at just Rs 50. Might it be said that you are now making your arrangement to visit Rapsy- the best restaurant in Kerala now?

    Location: Main Bazaar, Munnar
    Specialty: Biryani and Rapsy’s special paratha

    07. Menorah

     Menorah Kerala

    While you search for the best restaurants in Kerala, you can visit Menorah beyond question as it is one of the best places to eat in Kerala. Here you will get a wide assortment of fish and new fish. You can likewise attempt the Jewish food here at Menorah.

    Location: Koder House, Fort Cochin, Kochi
    Specialty: Jewish food, Sea Food, Fish, etc.

    08. Hotel Annapoorna

      Hotel Annapoorna Kerala

    Kerala is renowned for dishes like prawn curry, fish chemmeen curry, and so on. In any case, on the off chance that you are a veggie-lover, you don’t need to feel terrible, as there are various vegan choices too & best places to eat in Kerala. From puttu to masala dosa, and even idli, you can arrange any vegan dish here, and you will get it.

    Location: Perumbavoor, Kerala
    Specialty: Prawn curry, Seafood Chemmeen Curry, etc.

    09. Dal Roti

    Dal Roti Kerala

    Every one of the individuals who are feeling the loss of the North Indian indulgences and want to try some famous food in Kerala can visit Dal Roti. Whether it is roasted chicken or dal makhani, you will get practically every one of the North Indian dishes here and every one of them tastes bona fide.

    Location: Fort Kochi, Kochi
    Specialty: Tandoori Chicken or Dal Makhni

    10. Beatles Restaurant

    Beatles Restaurant Kerala

    Tourists generally visit the Beatles to enjoy the famous food in Kerala. Neglecting the lighthouse beach, this restaurant is ideal for people who need to loosen up while having probably the best burgers. You will likewise get mainland breakfast here as it is one of the best restaurants in Kerala. Thus, next time you need to snatch a few burgers, you know where to visit.

    Specialty: Burgers
    Location: Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

    11.Kashi Art Café

    Kashi Art Café Kerala

    Kashi Art Café is fascinating and has some famous food in Kerala. The aesthetic setting at this spot is something you should observe, particularly assuming you are an art lover. Aside from this, they additionally serve the absolute most divine dishes. You should try coffee and western breakfast at this one of the best restaurants in Kerala.

    Location: Fort Kochi, Kochi
    Specialty: Coffee and Western Breakfast

    12. German Bakery

    German Bakery Kerala

    While planning to visit the best places to eat in Kerala, don’t miss out on German Bakery. They offer the best breakfast & menu in Kovalam. The food things they spend significant time in pizza, fish, and tofu, give some examples

    Specialty: Pizza, Seafood, Tofu, etc.
    Location: Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

    13. Le Sante Café

    Le Sante Café Kerala

    Whether you need finger-licking burgers or waffles, you can head to Le Sante Café in Kozhikode. They likewise offer a few heavenly sweets.

    Specialty: Burgers or Waffles
    Location: NIT Mukkam Road, Kozhikode

    Kerala is a place that is known for flavors and these flavors impact the different foods which can be found at the restaurants in the state. While you are traveling in Kerala, you can visit the best places to eat in Kerala and partake in some lip-smacking luxuries when you are in the state.

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