• Top Destinations for Solo Travellers

    Solo travels are the best way to spend time with yourself and find a happy company of your own. You are totally free to go anywhere you like and explore anything you want. But you don’t really want to go just about anywhere. You want to find the best places for your solo travel. Well, in that case, this article is just for you.

    In this article, we have listed the top destinations for solo travellers. So, come on, let’s explore.

    Top Destinations for Solo Travellers to Explore

    As a solo traveller, you can go just about anywhere, but here are our favorite and top destinations for solo travellers to explore.


    Iceland is called the land of fire and ice due to its volcanoes and glaciers. With those elements of nature, Iceland has very picturesque views and its close to nature appeal attracts everyone. You can have the best time amidst the natural beauty that Iceland has to offer and you really need nothing more than the presence of your own mind and heart in this beautiful and mesmerizing place.
    solo traveling in iceland


    Rishikesh, the spiritual capital of India is another amazing place for solo travellers. The mighty river Ganga, the multiple temples, it’s all just beautiful in Rishikesh and you need company of no one else to explore the places in this beautiful city. You can also explore adventures like river rafting and other water sports in Rishikesh and make the most of your solo trip to this amazing city.
    solo traveling in rishikesh


    Spain is known for its beauty and adventures. The city has so many festivals all year round and the people of Spain are ever so accommodating. You will never feel as if you are alone in this country. You can enjoy the festivals with the locals, go on adventures, and do a lot of other exciting things in Spain on your solo trip. It’s best to make it a road trip so that you can explore Spain in all its beauty and glory.
    solo traveling in spain


    Mexico is another amazing country for solo travel and you can take it from the word of solo travellers. Many solo travelers have revealed that Mexico is their favorite place for solo travel and you can have the most amazing time and experiences in Mexico. The country is second highest on the happy planet index and there is so much to do in Mexico.From swimming around to exploring different places in the country and trying Mexican cuisine, you will have the best times in Mexico, exploring the country and yourself in your own company.
    solo traveling in mexico

    Are You Ready for Solo Travel?

    Solo travels are important in life to explore yourself and enjoy your own company. But you have to be in a good place too to enjoy the experience. Aforementioned are some of the top destinations for solo travellers and you will love to explore them. So, when are you packing your bags?

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    Happy Travelling!