• Top 10 Things To Do In Amsterdam

    From its innovative food scene to its most iconic landmarks, our love for this city is endless, as there are many places to visit in Amsterdam. Perhaps best known for its art galleries and museums, from the Van Gogh Museum to the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam boasts of being one of Europe’s most culturally important cities and prime Amsterdam attractions, but it’s also a bustling city. There is also some nightlife.

    Indeed, the “funny” side of the capital has historically served hordes of tourist bachelorette parties desperate to try out Amsterdam’s infamous cafes and canal cruises. But as it stands, it can’t escape its reputation as a seriously fun place, where have a long list of the best things to do in Amsterdam that will suggest you for a “Happy Journey”.

    01. Rijksmuseum


    Established in Amsterdam, Netherlands, it is the largest, grandest, and most classical museum with a vast collection of Dutch Golden Age art that embellishes Amsterdam’s history from the middle ages to the present. Rijksmuseum is the most extensive and most visited Amsterdam tourist attraction.

    The 80 massive rooms house is equipped with 8000 objects, Dutch expression art, history, and a little Asian collection, And that’s why it is included in things to do in Amsterdam.

    02. Anne Frank Museum

    Anne Frank Museum

    When it comes to the best things to do in Amsterdam, once visit the Anne Frank House or museum, which is usually at the top of the Amsterdam famous places list.

    Situated in the heart of the city, it is a haunting yet beautiful place, it can be considered one of the best things to do in Amsterdam, carrying a collection of diaries that Anne wrote during her long days in hiding.

    03. Amsterdam Canal Ring

    Amsterdam Canal Ring

    A charming 17th-century UNESCO World Heritage Site, Amsterdam’s Canal Ring (Grachtengordel) is best known for its picturesque canals and when you Relax on a canal cruise, you will find it one of the best fun things to do in Amsterdam.

    The canal ring consists of three rings of semi-circular channels bisected by smaller canals radiating from the center, like the spokes of the Dutch bicycle wheel. Through this ride, you can enjoy city highlights like Skinny Bridge, the Red Light District, and the Old Port. The place is best for snapping photos of the imposing architecture and exploring vistas. To discover the beautiful city from the water on this sightseeing cruise is also add to your things to do in Amsterdam list.

    04. Book Keukenhof Ticket

    Book Keukenhof Ticket

    If you’re visiting Amsterdam in the spring, Keukenhof is a must! With this tour, you can easily tour the gardens and enjoy them at your own pace. It includes one of the most fun things to do in Amsterdam.

    This 5.5-hour tour departs from Amsterdam Central Station to Holland’s colorful Keukenhof Gardens, a vast area with endless tulip fields, one of the country’s most photographed and iconic landscapes. Choose the guided option, where a live guide accompanies the bus, including a GPS audio guide available in multiple languages. Explore one of the best things to do in Amsterdam and learn about flowers and parks, Holland, Dutch culture, and bulbous regions.

    05. A Trip of Zaanse Schans, Edam, Volendam and Marken

    A Trip of Zaanse Schans, Edam, Volendam and Marken

    Discover the Dutch countryside on this full-day tour to Zaanse Schans, Edam, Volendam, and Marken; add to your best things to do in Amsterdam list and enjoy a hassle-free trip with round-trip transport from central Amsterdam.

    Get up close to windmills, water bodies, cheese makers, and clog factories, and learn firsthand about the area’s rich history from your professional guide. Tastings and interior tours are also included with this. Getting a glimpse of nature is also a great option for things to do in Amsterdam.

    06. Private Countryside Tour

    Private Countryside Tour

    Immerse yourself in Dutch culture, history, and cuisine on a 6-7 hour private land tour, after which you will find it one of the best things to do in Amsterdam. Travel from the touristy spots of Amsterdam to the heart of Holland in comfortable and fast transport.

    Enjoy your guide’s engaging commentary as you sample local cheeses, ride past windmills, and try on clogs. Highlights of the tour include Zaanse he Schans, Marken fishing village, Volendam, and Church he Broek.

    07. Sightseeing Ride for the Hague, Delft, and Rotterdam

    Sightseeing Ride for the Hague, Delft, and Rotterdam

    This day tour takes you to some of Holland’s most historic and scenic sites, including the Hague, Delft, and Rotterdam, and the best Amsterdam attractions. On this tour, you will hear stories about Dutch history. Rotterdam is known for its maritime heritage and modern architecture. The near-total destruction of the city center during World War II gave rise to a variety of architectural landscapes. You will have time to sit on the market square and have lunch here, And these are the reasons that a small visit to Rotterdam is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam.

    In the afternoon, head to The Hague, the political city of Holland. It is the administrative and royal capital of the Netherlands and the seat of government.

    08. Hop Onto Bus Tour

    Hop Onto Bus Tour

    If searching for the best fun things to do in Amsterdam, visit the city at your speed on a hop-on hop-off bus tour, a perfect option for the best things to do in Amsterdam, which includes an optional 1-hour Amsterdam canal cruise. Pick a 24-hour ticket, which has 11 bus stops around the city and an optional canal cruise to explore Amsterdam’s postcard-perfect waterway network.

    From this open-top double-decker bus, pass eclectic neighborhoods such as the Anne Frank House, National Maritime Museum, Jordaan, and the historic Red Light District.

    09. Van Gogh Museum

    Van Gogh Museum

    Collection of some of the world’s most famous Van Gogh paintings, Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, which is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam, often has lines of two hours or more. This skip-the-line ticket also includes an Amsterdam canal cruise for unobstructed views of the city’s waterfront attractions. This hassle-free combination ticket is an ideal option for first-time visitors with limited time in the Dutch capital.

    10. Bike Tour of Amsterdam’s Hidden Gems

    Bike Tour of Amsterdam's Hidden Gems

    Discover Amsterdam’s highlights and hidden gems on a bike tour and you will realize it is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam. It’s ideal for visitors with limited time in the city, as you can easily switch between sights to save time and cover more than walking.

    Enjoy a more personalized experience on a small-group tour and gain insight into Amsterdam’s history and culture from your guide. There are many places to visit in Amsterdam, and each gives you a different feeling.

    From delicious stroopwafels to historic 16th-century architecture to romantic canals, there are many reasons to visit the Dutch capital. Amsterdam is a lot of fun, so be sure to explore all the things to do in Amsterdam as well as over-the-top nightlife.

    Amsterdam is known for its beautiful architecture, delicious food, and many activities to do and see here. Hence, they are counted as the perfect Amsterdam attractions, but there is a dilemma in mind that what to do after coming to the Dutch capital; then above is the list of top things to do in Amsterdam. It will be helpful for you to choose the best places to visit in Amsterdam, and you will be able to make your day engaging.

    So pick your best activities for your next Amsterdam trip and connect with Tripzygo International for the best Amsterdam Holiday Packages