• Top 12 Month Wise Travel Destinations in India

    If you’re a travel buff, you can’t stay home very long. You want to go on a next journey as soon as you’re back home from the earlier one, isn’t it? So, planning a trip every single month is your thing! However, where do you go every other month, especially if you want to stay domestic and not go international for your trips?

    Well, India is full of places but you can’t just get up and go anywhere any time. There are other aspects to consider. The climate and weather of a place, the specialties, the best time to visit a place, and everything in between.

    Well, if you’re wondering all of that, you’re in a perfect place. In this blog, we are sharing with you a list of month wise travel destinations in India..

    Now, this list will not tell you only 12 places in India to travel each month of the year, because, of course, that would limit your options. Instead, we are sharing the kind of month wise travel destinations in India that you must visit so that you have a variety of options.

    Now, without any further ado, let’s get started with the list.

    List of Month Wise Travel Destinations in India

    Having a list of the kind of places you can visit along with some names is the best for making your travel plans every month.

    So, here is a list of month wise travel destinations in India for you.

    • January – Hill Stations or South India Destinations
    • February –Someplace Romantic
    • March – The Land of Holi: Mathura
    • April – Chardham Yatra
    • May – In the Hills
    • June – Cool and Wet Monsoon Cities
    • July – Extreme North or Extreme South
    • August – Go Anywhere, It’s the Best
    • September – Heritage Tours to Rajasthan
    • October & November – Just Anywhere At All
    • December – Chadar Trek

    month wise travel destinations in india

    January – Hill Stations or South India Destinations

    January is a time when the winters are quite at peak but they feel enjoyable. There’s snow in the hill stations during this time of the year and any hill station would be in all its glory and glamour during January. So, visiting hill stations like Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Darjeeling, and others like that, which are not too cold like Leh Ladakh makes sense.

    Alternatively, if you want a break from the cold and enjoy slightly warmer weather, planning a trip to South Indian destinations like Kerala, Bangalore, Karnataka, etc., sounds like a good idea.hill stations in january

    February – Someplace Romantic

    When you are thinking about places to visit in India by month and it’s for February, you know that you want something romantic and intimate. It’s the month of love after all. So, places like Goa, Wayanad, Kasol, Manali, Mumbai, and the like make sense. You can have all the lovely and romantic time with your partner in places like these and celebrate a wonderful valentines there.
    romantic place in febuary

    March – The Land of Holi: Mathura

    When you’re talking about March, there can be no place better than Mathura to visit. For March, it’s one of the best month wise travel destinations in India and all because of the grand style in which Holi is celebrated here. If you have not witnessed and enjoyed the holi of Mathura, you haven’t seen Mathura in all its glory. So, when it’s March, think of no place else but book your tickets to Mathura as soon as you can.mathura in march

    April – Chardham Yatra

    April is the month when the gates for the holy pilgrimage, the Chardham Yatra are opened. So, there could be nothing better than planning the Chardham Yatra during April. You would enjoy the hills of Uttarakhand, away from the heat and summers, and will be in the home of the God, offering prayers, and that feeling is the most wonderful thing that you can ever experience.

    You can of course plan the yatra in later months as well, however, going as soon as the doors open is a different experience in itself.chardham yatra in april

    May – In the Hills

    May is a month when the summers are at their peak. So, going into the hills is the best idea for May. You can plan for places like Leh, Ladakh, or other Himalayan regions to be away from all the summer heat and humidity and enjoy your summer vacations in a cool and comfortable climate and weather.
    beach in kerala

    June – Cool and Wet Monsoon Cities

    June is a time when the monsoon starts and the first showers are always the best, especially when you are in the monsoon cities. So, planning a trip to the monsoon cities like Mumbai, Pune, Konkan Coast, Goa, etc., is a great idea.

    The monsoons are the best here and it’s a solacing and calming feeling to watch and get drenched in the showers in these cities.monsoon cities in june

    July – Extreme North or Extreme South

    July is a time when there’s monsoon everywhere and the frequent showers always keep the climate and weather moderate. So, wherever you go, it’s the best. The good idea is to choose places in the extreme north such as the Himalayan regions or places in the extreme South such as Coorg, Kerala, Wayanad, Kovalam, Puducherry, etc.

    Both options will give you an excellent travel experience and the best moments and memories of a trip. Pondicherry

    August – Go Anywhere, It’s the Best

    August is the best month for travel because the places are great no matter wherever you go. Moreover, the charges also go lower during August, so you can save a lot of money. The good places to travel to in the month of August are all, but some options are Kerala, Bhopal, Assam, Sikkim, and other regions like that. Assam

    September – Heritage Tours to Rajasthan

    September is an off-tourist season and at this time of year the hotel and resort bookings are very cheap. So, it makes sense to go down to those boutique hotels and luxury resorts in Udaipur, Jaipur, and the rest of Rajasthan and have a wonderful luxurious and heritage tour there. rajasthan tour in september

    October & November – Just Anywhere At All

    October and November are months when the climate is at its best. It’s not raining, it’s not hot, it’s not cold. So, you can go just anywhere. In our opinion, it’s a good time to plan a holiday to some national park or bird sanctuary because you might get a better view of animals and birds in the clear jungles and skies. anywhere in october & november

    December – Chadar Trek

    There’s nothing better than the Chadar Trek when you think of places to visit in India by month for the month of December. It’s one of the best treks ever and you must be a part of it amidst everything else there might be to do in the month of December.deers in widlife sanctuary

    Final Words

    So, these were all the different kinds of monthwise destinations in India for you. We hope this helped. For planning your trips, check out some of our amazing travel packages and make bookings by getting in touch with us.

    Happy Travelling!