• 20 Best Top Things To Do In Kerala

    God’s own country is abundant with amazing scenery, peaceful atmosphere, and many best things to do in Kerala. It is indeed the perfect destination for your next vacation. There are many top things to do in Kerala, from sightseeing or touring the lush forests to getting your hands on the best things to do in Kerala.

    A destination that offers so many activities to do, from fabulous beaches to tasty cuisine. Not only is this destination enjoyable in its own right, but it also makes a great getaway for vacation lovers.

    Best time to visit Kerala – The best time to visit Kerala is between September and March. With less humidity, Kerala’s climate is comfortable and pleasant at this time. You would love to explore as it offers the best things to see in Kerala at this time of year with the best Kerala tour packages.

    Top 20 Best Things To Do in Kerala

    Here is a list of suggestions of the best things to do in Kerala for your holiday that will ensure you have an amazing time exploring the beauty and culture here. Finding things to do at this beautiful place will be easy with this list of the top things to do in Kerala, so you can get started to plan your Kerala trip as soon as possible!things to do in kerala

    • Munnar – Neelakurinji Blooms
    • Munnar – Taste Different Tea Flavours
    • Alleppey – Houseboat Stay
    • Alleppey – Take a Shikara ride
    • Alleppey – Witness the Snake Boat Race
    • Thekkady – Go On A Spice Tour
    • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary – Go Jeep Riding
    • Wayanad – A Treehouse Stay
    • Kodanad – Bathe Elephants
    • Wayanad – Coffee Plantation Tour
    • Fort Kochi – Awe-inspiring architecture
    • Kochi – Theyyam performance
    • Kumarakom – Watch the birds
    • Varkala Beach – Take a dip in the Arabian Sea
    • Athirapally Falls – Get Drenched
    • Kovalam Beach – Witness The Sunset
    • Periyar Lake – Ride bamboo rafts
    • Varkala – Watch A Kathakali Performance
    • Kollam – Take A Canoe Ride
    • Malappuram – Take Part In Bullock Race

    01. Munnar – Witness Neelakurinji Blooms

    top things to do in kerala

    Eravikulam National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state because of the Neelakurinji flower, which blooms once every 12 years, and the view of this flower is an exceptionally moving encounter which is considered as one of the best things to see in Kerala. You should also see the Nigiri Thar, a rare mountain goat while on a hike to the top of a hill.

     Entry: Rs. 55 per adult
     Things to know: Park remains closed in February and March

    02. Munnar – Taste Different Tea Flavours

    best things to see in kerala

    This little spot is a great place to visit while in Kerala. Put together a mug of tea from Munnar, roughly a three-hour drive from Kochi. Visit the Kannan Devan Plantation Museum to find out more about tea processing and taste different teas, a recommended one of the top things to do in Kerala. In addition, you can hire a jeep from Suryanelli (25 km from Munnar) to visit the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate and an organic tea plantation founded 100 years ago.

     Entry: Rs. Jeep costs vary between Rs 1200 and Rs 2000.
     Things to know: Pick up or even carry your favourite item at the shop’s museum.

    03. Alleppey – Houseboat Stay

     kerala things to do

    Alleppey’s name is among the premier destinations in India, and when you’re there, don’t miss the chance to take a boat journey through the serene backwaters as it comes in the list of the top things to do in Kerala. Look at Kerala houseboats as they glide through the calming backwaters, feasting your eyes on lovely landscapes considered as one of the best things to see in Kerala. The ride accommodates the whole family, with rooms for eating, sleeping, and eating.

     Entry: Rs. Cost varies from Rs 6500-11500
     Things to know: Call ahead and reserve to get a discount.

    04. Alleppey – Take a Shikara ride

    things to do in kerala

    About 4 hours outside of Thiruvananthapuram, the town of Alleppey provides a sensational experience of the backwaters. Beyond watching the hospitality and fishing activities and coconut trees, you’ll see numerous birds for your enjoyment. The double-deck boats offer a 3-4 hour journey, one of the best & top things to do in Kerala.

     Entry: Rs. costs Rs 600 per hour
     Things to know: Confirm the timings before you visit

    05. Alleppey – Witness the Snake Boat Race

    Snake Boat Race In Alleppey

    About 4 hours from Thiruvananthapuram, Alleppey offers various views of the backwaters. In addition to viewing the village life and the coconut trees, you will also have an opportunity to see a wide array of birds. The double-deck boats offer a 3-4 hour ride and one of the best top things to do in Kerala.

     Entry: Buy tickets online at Bookmyshow
     Things to know: This event takes place during the monsoon season.

    06. Thekkady – Go On A Spice Tour

    Thekkady Spice Tour

    Take a tour of the spice plantations or forests in Munnar, Thekkady, or Wayanad. Try some of the black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and exotic vanilla that are grown in the region on a nature walk. It’s one of the top things to do in Kerala which you must try.

     Entry: Rs. 200 (Price may vary)
     Things to know: Timings from 7 am to 6 pm

    07. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary – Go Jeep Riding

    Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary Jeep Safari

    Among one of the most captivating top things to do in Kerala and its forests, Thekkady should be on the top list of things to see in Kerala. Situated 190 km from the city of Kochi, Intention is among the loveliest forests in the country for its abundance of vegetation, mammals, reptiles, and fauna.

     Entry: Rs. 1800 for a day’s trip
     Things to know: Ferries are also available to take you around the park

    08. Wayanad – A Treehouse Stay

     Treehouse Stay in Wayanad

    Our next destination in Kerala is spending time at a Treehouse which is among the best Kerala things to do. Stay closer to nature and experience the fun and thrills of camping in a Treehouse at Wayanad, Munnar, Athirapally, or Thekkady. You can participate in exciting activities such as rappelling, rock climbing, nature, and mountain biking.

     Entry: Start from Rs 10,000
     Things to know: You can indulge in adventurous activities

    09. Kodanad – Bathe Elephants

    Bathe Elephants in Kodanad

    Have you ever given an elephant a bath? Kerala’s Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary boasts a number of opportunities for unique activities, including bathing your elephant, going on an elephant safari, and feeding and watching a newborn baby elephant. These are some of the best and exciting Kerala things to do.

     Entry: Price varies
     Things to know: Get there by car on hire or a bus.

    10. Wayanad – Coffee Plantation Tour

    Coffee Plantation Tour in Wayanad

    Stay at a coffee plantation resort or homestay and you would likely encounter destinations in Kerala such as trekking, night safaris, campfire, and plantation walks. Obtain coffee supplies and a whole home coffee experience at a lot starting from Rs 5000 for a couple of nights. Learning about the coffee-making method from start to finish is among the top things to do in Kerala and take home the coffee supplies.

     Entry: Stay rates start from Rs 5000/night (Price may vary)

    11. Fort Kochi – Awe-inspiring architecture

    Fort Kochi

    Fort Kochi is considered to be one of the main attractions and among the top best things to see in Kerala. With the influence of Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, British, and Chinese, Fort Kochi has a rich collection of buildings that tourists can explore on foot or by bicycle, including the Jewish synagogue, Indo-Portuguese museum, Malacca of Chinese fishing nets, Santa Cruz Basilica, and Fort Kochi Beach.

     Entry: Rs. 20 and free for kids
     Things to know: Timings from 10 am to 5 pm

    12. Kochi – Theyyam performance

    Theyyam performance in Kochi

    Do not come without having taken notice of Theyyam. One of the most influential experiences in Kerala is watching Theyyam. Observing Theyyam is one of the numerous life-changing events and adventures offered in the state. The experience can be seen in various temples of Kerala at the edge of the village and one of the best things to see in Kerala

     Entry: Free of cost
     Things to know: November and December are the peak seasons

    13. Kumarakom – Watch the birds

    Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

    For all nature lovers it would be the best things to see in Kerala, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary needs to be on your prospects list. Here you’ll be able to see numerous uncommon birds, including astir, heron, heron, waterfowl, and Siberian crane, while on a boating cruise, which is among the top things to do in Kerala. Just 3 hours from Kochi, it can be reached by bus or taxi. Combine bird watching with a houseboat stay on Vembanad Lake to best utilise the stop.

     Entry:Rs. 150 Per Person
     Things to know: November to February is the best time to visit

    14. Varkala Beach – Take a dip in the Arabian Sea

    Varkala Beach

    Bath in Varkala Beach’s medicinal mineral water springs and soak in its salty ocean waters. 50 km from Trivandrum International Airport, Varkala is ideally visited from December to March. It is one of the few beaches whose water has such curative and healing qualities. Swimming here, people are quite popular in the area.

     Entry: Free of cost
     Things to know: best visited between December and March

    15. Athirapally Falls – Get Drenched

    Athirapally Falls

    One of the joys of travelling to Kerala is the opportunity to experience the 80 feet tall Athirapally Falls, now called the Niagara Falls of India and considered as one of the best things to see in Kerala. Just 55 km from Kochi International Airport, the waterfall is easily visited by travelling by rail or bus. Its primary visitors are from June to September, when they are best for viewing.

     Entry: Price not confirmed
     Things to know: Best visited between December and March.

    16. Kovalam Beach – Witness The Sunset

     Kovalam Beach

    Watching the beautiful sunset is a wonderful activity and one of the best things to see in Kerala that you can do at Kovalam, it’s one of the best beaches in Kerala. The less crowded Samudra Beach is often quiet and has a good place to relax by yourself and swimming here is one of the popular Kerala things to do.

     Entry: Free of cost
     Things to know: The lighthouse is open from 3 pm to 5 pm every day

    17. Periyar Lake – Ride bamboo rafts

    bamboo rafting in periyar lake

    Kerala’s Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary offers an unforgettable bamboo rafting experience over the beautiful Periyar Lake, which is undoubtedly one of the top best things to do in Kerala. The jungle ride will lead you through the jungle and give you an opportunity to see and experience Kerala’s plant and animal life up close.

     Entry: 10 (maximum) people @ Rs. 2800/- per person
     Things to know: You may spot tigers and elephants nearby

    18. Varkala – Watch A Kathakali Performance

    Kathakali performance in Varkala

    Kathakali is one of the most popular & happens to be one of the best things to see in Kerala. Actresses wear colorful costumes and tell classic stories through the use of an assortment of postures and facial expressions. If you are sick of sightseeing, then you can enjoy a nice evening of Kathakali drama.

     Entry: Usually costs around INR 200/- to INR 300/- per person
     Things to know: Confirm the timings before you visit

    19. Kollam – Take A Canoe Ride

    Canoe Ride in Kollam

    Kollam is the ideal place to experience a canoe ride in Kerala, which affords an opportunity to admire the scenery, numerous towns, and breathtaking views. Canoeing can be an excellent means of immersing yourself in the culture and exploring the countryside is the best feeling & one of the top things to do in Kerala.

     Entry: Rs. 600/- per person.
     Things to know: Confirm the timings before you visit

    20. Malappuram – Take Part In Bullock Race

    Bullock Race in Malappuram

    Bullock Race is the most unforgettable and thrilling thing to happen in Kerala, and it is sure to be enjoyed as counted as one of the best things to do in Kerala. Every year, people from neighbouring cities visit Malappuram to witness the bullock race. A must-do activity, it is on the list of top things to do in Kerala.

     Entry: Prices may vary
     Things to know: Confirm the timings before you visit

    There are many more activities to experience in Kerala, many more places to visit, and savour the beauty of a great state, but let us leave something for your next trip, shall we? Until then, list these in your itinerary with the best Kerala tour packages, and then get ready to have the best time of your life exploring the best things to do in Kerala.

    So, plan your next exciting vacation in India with these top things to do in Kerala.